15 Panda Express Interview Questions (Full Example Answers)

Are you looking for Panda Express interview questions?

This article will provide a list of the most common questions asked in a Panda Express interview, along with fully fleshed-out example answers you can use to inspire your own answers.

Panda Express Interview Tips: How to Prepare for the Interview

Preparation is vital for any interview, and that includes learning some company background information, figuring out what to wear, and researching the various stages of the hiring process.

This section will cover all of those Panda Express interview tips and more, but you can also just skip to the questions if you’d prefer.

What to Research (Panda Express Facts)

There are a number of early interview questions that will test your research skills in terms of company history.

You don’t need to memorize all of these, but having at least two or three Panda Express facts in your back pocket will help you breeze through these questions if they do arise.

  • Panda Express headquarters are in Rosemead, California
  • Panda Express was founded by husband and wife, Andrew and Peggy Cherng
  • In 2015 they were named one of the Best Employers by Forbes Magazine
  • In 1999 they launched Panda Cares, helping children’s organizations
  • There are more than 2200 stores worldwide
  • They serve food in 12 countries
  • Their parent company is Panda Restaurant Group

Sources: Panda Express ‘Timeline’, Wikipedia

What to Wear (Panda Express Dress Code)

The best way to dress for the interview is to copy the style and color of Panda Express’ staff uniform. Bonus points if it matches the position you’re actually applying to work in.

To give you some examples:

For an entry-level role such as kitchen staff or service team member, wear business casual clothes. Piercings are not permitted during shifts so remove them before the interview. No facial hair is allowed, so be sure to go in clean-shaven.

For a supervisory or managerial role, such as a supply chain manager or an operation services manager, wear business formal clothes. Tie back long hair and don’t wear too much jewelry. Stick to darker shades of clothes and wear a formal shirt or blouse.

Sources: Panda Express ‘Careers’, Indeed ‘Dress Code’

What to Expect (Panda Express Hiring Process)

You can apply for a job at Panda Express online or in person at the restaurant. When applying online, the process takes longer and can take up to 3 weeks to receive a response. 

You’ll go through two rounds of interviews. The first interview will be with the store manager. If successful, the second interview will be with the district manager, who will finalize whether you are hired.

During the interview, applicants were frequently asked questions about their values. This was to see if their values aligned with that of Panda Express. Once hired, there is a paid training period.

Sources: Indeed ‘Q&A’, Glassdoor ‘Interview’

Panda Express Interview Questions and Answers

Here we’ll cover the most common interview questions to expect when applying for a job at Panda Express, complete with full example answers.

1. Why Do You Want to Work at Panda Express?

The interviewer wants to know why the job appeals to you and what you hope to achieve while working at Panda Express.

Sample answer:

“I found a lot of information about the company’s charitable work and I’d particularly enjoy working for a company with strong charitable values that align with mine. 

Family and community are two Panda Express values that resonate with me. The opportunity to join a brand that focuses on philanthropic support would allow me to pursue my passion for philanthropy.

Working for a company where I can contribute to the community in a meaningful way is a top priority. The company’s Panda Care Foundation would allow me to do so.”

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2. What Can You Tell Us About Panda Express?

The hiring manager wants to know whether your enthusiasm is genuine and if you’re likely to see through the onboard process. 

Sample answer:

“I know in 2015 Panda Express was named one of the Best Employers by Forbes. The company also has a very successful foundation, Panda Cares, that helps children’s organizations.

I like the importance Panda Express places on making sure their employees and the community are taken care of. It shows how much the company gives back and how well employees are looked after. 

I wondered if there are opportunities for entry-level employees to get involved in Panda Care? Or perhaps other philanthropic ways to help support communities through Panda Express?”

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3. Why Should Panda Express Hire You?

The interviewer wants to know if you are confident and whether you can handle the job.

Sample answer:

“I see in your job description you’re looking for an applicant with strong people skills. To work long hours in customer service, I believe employees need to enjoy interacting with people and be able to maintain high energy levels.

Although I don’t have restaurant industry experience, I have experience working as a babysitter. Working with young kids requires a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and patience. I included references from parents who I worked for for years. 

I love interacting and working with people, so I’d love to work at Panda Express. I feel I could be an asset to the company, and bring positive and enthusiastic energy to the team.”

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4. How Well Did You Work with Previous Colleagues?

The interviewer wants to know if you’re a team player and can get along with co-workers. 

Sample answer:

“I am very much a people person and thrive working alongside people. I think I have strong communication skills, and it has helped me build long-lasting relationships with co-workers. 

One example that comes to mind is when I planned and organized a charity event. In the beginning, the team was disorganized, but I communicated what we needed and was able to create a constructive and enjoyable work environment.

Not only did we create a successful event that helped people in need, but it was enjoyable working together despite being hard work at times. If you’d like, you can contact the event manager who I’ve put down as a reference.”

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5. What Tasks Do You Least Enjoy Doing?

They’re trying to figure out if you’re able to be honest and acknowledge that, realistically, there are a few aspects of a job that you may not like.

Sample answer:

“I don’t particularly enjoy working alone. For example, working alone at the back of the restaurant or doing inventory would be parts of the job I’d be less likely to thrive in.

I’m more of a people person, so I enjoy interacting with people. I believe I’d be more of an asset working with customers since I find jobs like data and inventory entry are far less stimulating.

Although these aren’t my favorite tasks, I understand that they are sometimes necessary and it’s my responsibility to carry them out with the same level of care as any other.”

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Other Questions You Can Expect

After having read detailed accounts of other candidates who interviewed with Panda Express, these came up as a few other likely questions to expect:

  1. Can you describe your work ethic?
  2. How do you handle conflict?
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. What skills would you like to improve?
  5. What makes you unique?
  6. What is your greatest achievement?
  7. Do you have experience working in a restaurant?
  8. What would your previous boss say about you?
  9. What work environment do you enjoy?
  10.  What can you bring to our team?

Don’t Stop Applying

While studying the top Panda Express job interview questions will put you ahead of the pack, being prepared isn’t necessarily a golden ticket to employment.

The best thing you can do, even after what seems like a successful interview, is to keep applying for similar positions. These might include other fast-food chains like Wendy’s, Popeye’s, and Arby’s.

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