13 Best Jobs for People Who Love Photography (High Paying)

Looking for jobs to feed your love for photography?

We’ve curated a list of careers that might just snap you out of your job search. These roles are ideal for those who find joy in capturing the world through a lens.

What Makes a Good Job for People Who Love Photography?

We looked for jobs that:

  • Let you engage with photographic content on a daily basis
  • Offer the chance to explore and discover new environments
  • Promote creativity and visual storytelling
  • Demand a sharp eye for detail
  • Provide opportunities for honing your photography skills

Best Jobs for People Who Love Photography

Below is our handpicked list of job ideas for those who have a passion for photography.

1. Photography Instructor

  • Average salary: $47,159 per year

A Photography Instructor, also known as a Photography Teacher, is someone who teaches photography skills.

They are responsible for creating lesson plans, instructing students in the basics of photography, giving practical demonstrations, and providing feedback on students’ work. In many cases, they’ll also teach editing techniques.

This role typically requires a good understanding of photography, excellent communication skills, and the ability to teach. A degree in photography or a related field is often preferred.

2. Wildlife Photographer

  • Average salary: $43,863 per year

A Wildlife Photographer is a professional who captures images of animals in their natural habitats.

Their primary duties include tracking animals, waiting for the perfect moment, and capturing photographs. They often have to deal with unpredictable weather and terrain.

While there are no specific qualifications needed for this role, experience in photography is a must, as well as patience, physical fitness, and a love for the outdoors and wildlife.

3. Real Estate Photographer

  • Average salary: $43,870 per year

A Real Estate Photographer specializes in capturing photographs of properties that are for sale or up for rent.

Their job involves taking pictures that highlight the best features of a property, editing photos, and often creating virtual tours. These photos make every bit of difference when it comes to marketing the property.

Aside from having excellent photography skills, you’ll need knowledge of architectural styles and advanced lighting techniques. Previous experience in real estate or architectural photography will also be beneficial.

4. Image Licensing Specialist

  • Average salary: $48,210 per year

An Image Licensing Specialist, sometimes referred to as a Photo Licensing Manager, manages the licensing of images for a company or individual photographer.

Their duties include negotiating image licensing agreements, ensuring the correct usage of licensed images, and maintaining licensing records.

The job typically requires a good understanding of copyright laws, negotiation skills, and organizational abilities. A background in law or business may be beneficial.

5. Art Director

  • Average salary: $140,597 per year

An Art Director is responsible for overseeing the visual style of publications, products, or media productions.

They decide on the best way to represent a concept visually, choose photographs, art, or other design elements to use, and direct the overall layout and design.

You will need several years of experience in art or design and strong creative, leadership, and communication skills to bag this job. A bachelor’s degree in an art or design field is typically required.

6. Set Photographer

  • Average salary: $41,090 per year

A Set Photographer captures images on the set of a film or television production.

They document the filmmaking process, take promotional photos, and capture images that may be used in the final product.

A Set Photographer needs to have excellent photography skills, experience in a fast-paced environment, and knowledge of the film industry. They should also be comfortable working irregular hours.

7. Photojournalist

  • Average salary: $43,954 per year

A Photojournalist is a professional photographer who captures images to tell a news story.

They cover events, take images that represent the story, and often write captions or other supporting text. They often work in dynamic and potentially challenging environments.

This role typically requires skills in photography, excellent storytelling, and the ability to work under pressure. A degree in journalism or a related field can be beneficial.

8. Cinematographer

  • Average salary: $44,530 per year

A Cinematographer, also known as a Director of Photography, is in charge of the visual aspects of a film or video production.

They plan the shots, choose the camera, lens, and filters, and oversee the camera crew. The job involves a significant amount of creative decision-making.

Typically, a Cinematographer should have experience in the film industry, a clear understanding of film production, and strong leadership skills. A degree in film, art, or a related field will likely be advantageous.

9. Digital Asset Manager

  • Average salary: $57,239 per year

A Digital Asset Manager, sometimes known as a Digital Media Manager, manages digital resources for a company.

Their duties involve cataloging and organizing digital assets such as photographs and videos, ensuring their preservation and accessibility, and managing their use within the organization.

To be a Digital Asset Manager, one should possess strong organizational skills, knowledge of digital archiving methods, and knowledge of copyright regulations. A degree in library sciences or a related field can be a plus.

10. Event Photographer

  • Average salary: $51,378 per year

An Event Photographer captures moments at events, such as weddings, parties, or conferences.

They take photographs of attendees and activities, capturing the atmosphere and key moments of the event. The job often requires working irregular hours and on weekends, so it’s not for everyone.

Apart from knowing your way around a camera, this one calls for great people skills and adaptability. No specific qualifications are needed, but previous experience in event photography will help you stand out.

11. Museum Curator

  • Average salary: $71,351 per year

A Museum Curator is in charge of collections within museums, including photographic collections.

They manage the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections. Part of the job is also educating the public about the collection, which can involve giving talks or organizing events.

A Museum Curator usually has a degree in a relevant field, such as art history or archaeology, and a good understanding of the type of collection they manage.

12. Travel Coordinator

  • Average salary: $64,331 per year

A Travel Coordinator, sometimes known as a Travel Agent or Travel Manager, plans and organizes travel for individuals or groups.

While this job doesn’t involve taking photos (at least not as part of the job description, wink wink), it does involve researching and visiting beautiful locations worldwide, which can be appealing to someone who loves photography.

This role typically requires excellent organization and communication skills, good geographical knowledge, and an interest in travel. No specific qualifications are needed, but a background in customer service won’t be overlooked.

13. Aerial Photographer

  • Average salary: $68,446 per year

An Aerial Photographer captures images from an elevated perspective, often using drones.

They take photographs for various purposes, such as surveying land, capturing real estate photos, or creating artistic compositions. The job sometimes has you traveling to different locations and dealing with various weather conditions.

This role usually looks for excellent photography skills, drone operating skills, and an understanding of relevant regulations. Certification in drone operation may also be necessary depending on the employer.

There Are Careers for People Who Love Photography!

Whether you’re looking to take on the role of Art Director, Photography Instructor, or any other role, there’s a whole reel of visually stimulating careers out there for photography lovers.

Which one clicks for you? We’d love to hear about it below.

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