13 Best Jobs for People Who Love Comedy (High Paying)

Interested in making people laugh for a living?

This list spotlights the best jobs for comedy aficionados. If you’re passionate about comedy and eager to incorporate it into your daily grind, look no further.

What Makes a Good Job for People Who Love Comedy?

We looked for jobs that:

  • Allow room for creative expression, especially through humor
  • Offer opportunities to engage with an audience, either live or virtually
  • Involve collaboration with other humor-minded individuals
  • Provide a platform for showcasing comedic talent
  • Come with a relatively high financial reward, because hey, comedy shouldn’t mean you’re broke

Best Jobs for People Who Love Comedy

While some gigs on this list may call for a degree, many don’t and are still pretty lucrative. Talent, skill, and sometimes just a specialized certificate can go a long way in landing you a job that pays well and keeps you laughing.

Let’s jump right into these handpicked jobs perfect for comedy lovers.

1. Comedy Podcast Producer

Average salary: $59,352

A Comedy Podcast Producer oversees the creation and production of comedy podcasts. This role is also known as a comedy audio producer.

Job duties:

  • Researching and planning episode topics
  • Booking comedy guests for interviews
  • Overseeing audio recording sessions
  • Editing audio to create polished episodes
  • Marketing and promoting episodes online
  • Monitoring listener analytics

Job requirements:

  • Experience in audio editing software like Adobe Audition or Audacity
  • Background in content creation or production
  • Familiarity with podcasting platforms such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts
  • Good sense of humor
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to collaborate with a team

2. Stand-up Comedian Agent

Average salary: $51,293

A Stand-up Comedian Agent represents comedians, negotiates deals, and arranges performances. This role is sometimes referred to as a comedy talent agent.

Job duties:

  • Scouting new comedy talent
  • Negotiating contracts with comedy clubs and event organizers
  • Booking gigs and performances
  • Marketing clients through social media and press releases
  • Managing schedules and itineraries
  • Handling financials like payments and invoices

Job requirements:

  • Experience in the entertainment industry
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Good understanding of contract terms
  • A keen eye for comedic talent
  • Good networking abilities
  • Ability to multitask and manage multiple clients at once

3. Talent Scout for Comedians

Average salary: $65,337

A Talent Scout for Comedians finds and recruits new comedic talent. This role is sometimes called a comedy talent scout.

Job duties:

  • Scouting at comedy clubs and events
  • Auditioning potential talents
  • Reviewing performance tapes
  • Managing contracts for new talents
  • Giving feedback for improvement
  • Networking in the comedy industry

Job requirements:

  • Experience in talent management or scouting
  • Strong understanding of the comedy scene
  • Ability to identify emerging talent
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Strong networking skills
  • Capacity to work independently

4. Comedy Tour Manager

Average salary: $58,507

A Comedy Tour Manager oversees the logistics of a comedian’s tour.You might also hear this role called a road manager in comedy circles.

Job duties:

  • Scheduling tour dates
  • Booking venues and accommodations
  • Coordinating transportation
  • Managing budgets and expenses
  • Handling backstage operations
  • Dealing with any tour-related issues

Job requirements:

  • Experience in event or tour management
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Financial management know-how
  • Good problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to work in a high-pressure environment
  • Familiarity with the comedy scene
  • Adaptability to a varied schedule

5. Comedy Club Booker

Average salary: $62,726

A Comedy Club Booker is responsible for scheduling comedians to perform at a comedy venue.

Job duties:

  • Scheduling comedians
  • Negotiating performance contracts
  • Scouting new talent
  • Maintaining venue calendar
  • Handling communications with talent
  • Promoting upcoming shows

Job requirements:

  • Experience in event scheduling or talent booking
  • Good understanding of comedic talent
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Organizational abilities
  • Networking skills within the comedy community
  • Quick decision-making skills

6. Comedy Script Translator

Average salary: $61,786

A Comedy Script Translator adapts comedic scripts into another language, making sure the humor translates well.

Job duties:

  • Translating comedy scripts
  • Adapting humor for cultural relevance
  • Proofreading translations
  • Collaborating with writers
  • Maintaining script context
  • Meeting translation deadlines

Job requirements:

  • Proficiency in both the source and target languages
  • Experience in script translation
  • Cultural understanding for accurate humor translation
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Time management skills

7. Social Media Content Creator

Average salary: $47,764

A Social Media Content Creator crafts engaging posts and stories for various social platforms, also known as a Social Media Manager in some circles.

Job duties:

  • Creating social posts
  • Editing video and images
  • Planning content calendars
  • Analyzing post metrics
  • Interacting with followers
  • Researching social trends

Job requirements:

  • Experience with social media platforms
  • Skills in photo and video editing
  • Quick adaptability to new tech
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to work under deadlines

8. Comedy Stunt Coordinator

Average salary: $24/hour

A Comedy Stunt Coordinator plans and oversees the safe execution of physical gags and stunts in comedy productions.

Job duties:

  • Planning stunts
  • Coordinating with directors
  • Ensuring safety measures
  • Training actors for stunts
  • Testing stunt equipment
  • Overseeing stunt execution

Job requirements:

  • Certification in stunt coordination
  • Prior experience in comedy or stunts
  • Knowledge of safety protocols
  • Strong communication skills
  • Quick decision-making abilities
  • Adaptability to different comedy styles

9. Jingle Writer

Average salary: $60,086

A Jingle Writer composes catchy tunes for advertisements, sometimes referred to as a Commercial Songwriter.

Job duties:

  • Writing melodies
  • Creating lyrics
  • Arranging music
  • Collaborating with clients
  • Adapting to brand style
  • Recording demos
  • Revising based on feedback

Job requirements:

  • Prior experience in jingle or songwriting
  • Proficiency in musical notation software
  • Ability to work with various musical genres
  • Strong verbal communication for client meetings
  • Ability to adhere to tight deadlines

10. Humor Consultant for Companies

Average salary: $43/hour

A Humor Consultant for Companies helps inject humor into corporate culture and communications, sometimes known as a Corporate Culture Consultant with a humor focus.

Job duties:

  • Analyzing company culture
  • Creating humor strategies
  • Training employees
  • Consulting on corporate communications
  • Crafting funny presentations
  • Advising executives
  • Measuring humor impact

Job requirements:

  • Degree in Organizational Psychology or Communications
  • Experience in corporate training or consulting
  • Good sense of humor
  • Public speaking skills
  • Ability to read a room
  • Versatility in humor styles
  • Strong rapport-building abilities

11. Game Show Host

Average salary: $51,120

A Game Show Host entertains and guides participants and the audience through the rules and segments of a game show.

Job duties:

  • Introducing contestants
  • Explaining rules
  • Reading questions
  • Announcing scores
  • Building suspense
  • Engaging the audience
  • Wrapping up shows

Job requirements:

  • Previous experience in hosting or performing
  • Comfortable with live audiences
  • Quick on your feet
  • Charismatic personality
  • Basic understanding of game mechanics

12. Voice-over Artist for Comedy Animations

Average salary: $40,258

A Voice-over Artist for Comedy Animations provides voices for characters in humorous animated content, sometimes simply known as a Voice Actor in Animation.

Job duties:

  • Reading scripts
  • Creating character voices
  • Attending recording sessions
  • Matching lip-sync
  • Collaborating with directors
  • Making revisions
  • Maintaining vocal health

Job requirements:

  • Training in voice acting or theater arts
  • Prior voice-over experience
  • Familiarity with recording software
  • Flexibility with vocal tone and range
  • Quick script adaptation skills
  • Collaboration-friendly
  • Punctual and reliable

13. Comedy Sketch Editor

Average salary: $60,792

A Comedy Sketch Editor shapes and refines recorded comedy sketches to achieve the desired comedic effect, sometimes also known as a Comedy Video Editor.

Job duties:

  • Reviewing footage
  • Making cuts
  • Adding transitions
  • Syncing audio
  • Inserting graphics
  • Fine-tuning timing
  • Finalizing edits

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Film Editing or related field
  • Proficiency in editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Experience in comedy editing
  • Attention to comedic timing
  • Good sense of humor
  • Collaboration-friendly
  • Comfortable with tight deadlines

See, There Are Careers for People Who Love Comedy!

From Comedy Tour Manager to Voice-over Artist for Comedy Animations, here’s a lineup of jobs that turn humor into hard cash.

Caught your eye yet? We’re all ears in the comments section.

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