13 Best Jobs for Nature Lovers (High Paying)

Dreaming of a job that lets you be one with nature?

Here’s a curated selection of high-paying jobs perfect for nature lovers. Perfect for those who’d rather spend their days under the open sky than in a cubicle.

What Makes a Good Job for Nature Lovers?

We looked for jobs that:

  • Offer a majority of work time spent outdoors
  • Connect directly to conservation or sustainability efforts
  • Allow for frequent encounters with wildlife or natural scenery
  • Involve varying terrain, not just an office setting
  • Require specialized skills in fields like botany, geology, or marine biology

Best Jobs for Nature Lovers

While some of the roles we’re about to list do call for a college degree, a good chunk of them don’t. Yet, they still pay well. You can land a great job based on your skills and certifications—no four-year degree necessary.

Ready to explore? Let’s dive into our handpicked list of job ideas for Nature Lovers.

1. Environmental Compliance Inspector

Average salary: $58,047

An Environmental Compliance Inspector monitors and enforces laws to protect natural resources, also known as an Environmental Monitor.

Job duties:

  • Inspect companies for environmental regulation compliance
  • Collect soil, air, and water samples
  • Evaluate permits and applications
  • Write inspection reports
  • Guide companies in environmental policy

Job requirements:

2. Trail Builder

Average salary: $56,674

A Trail Builder constructs and maintains trails in natural settings like forests, mountains, and parks.

Job duties:

  • Plan trail routes
  • Clear vegetation and obstacles
  • Build trail structures like bridges
  • Maintain trail signage
  • Ensure trail safety standards

Job requirements:

  • Experience in construction or landscaping
  • Skill with hand and power tools
  • Good physical condition
  • Knowledge of native plants and terrain
  • Teamwork skills

3. Wilderness Guide

Average salary: $16/hour

A Wilderness Guide leads people on outdoor adventures, sometimes called an Adventure Guide or Outdoor Guide.

Job duties:

  • Plan routes and itineraries
  • Educate clients on safety
  • Navigate through wilderness areas
  • Set up camps
  • Identify local flora and fauna

Job requirements:

  • Wilderness First Responder Certification
  • Navigation skills
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Physical fitness
  • Local ecosystem knowledge

4. Renewable Energy Technician

Average salary: $52,517

A Renewable Energy Technician installs and maintains renewable energy systems, also known as a Solar Technician or Wind Turbine Technician.

Job duties:

  • Install renewable energy systems
  • Conduct maintenance checks
  • Troubleshoot system issues
  • Calibrate equipment
  • Monitor system performance

Job requirements:

  • Technical certification in renewable energy or similar field
  • Experience with electrical systems
  • Ability to work at heights
  • Manual dexterity
  • Problem-solving skills

5. Weather Observer

Average salary: $44,000

A Weather Observer collects meteorological data for analysis and forecasting, sometimes known as a Meteorological Technician.

Job duties:

  • Record weather conditions
  • Maintain weather instruments
  • Send data to forecasting teams
  • Conduct routine observations
  • Analyze basic weather trends

Job requirements:

  • Meteorological Technician Certificate
  • Basic computing skills
  • Detail-oriented nature
  • Good communication abilities
  • Ability to work independently

6. Geological Field Technician

Average salary: $55,981

A Geological Field Technician collects rock and soil samples in the field, sometimes referred to as a Geotech.

Job duties:

  • Collect rock and soil samples
  • Map terrain features
  • Conduct basic lab tests
  • Maintain field equipment
  • Record field observations

Job requirements:

  • Some geology coursework or training
  • Physical endurance
  • Map reading skills
  • Familiarity with GPS systems
  • A knack for problem-solving

7. Naturalist Educator

Average salary: $44,851

A Naturalist Educator teaches people about nature and wildlife, often going by titles like Nature Guide or Conservation Educator.

Job duties:

  • Lead outdoor educational programs
  • Create nature-focused curricula
  • Identify plants and animals
  • Monitor local ecosystems
  • Engage community in conservation

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s in Environmental Science or related field
  • Experience in public speaking
  • Basic first aid certification
  • Knowledge of local flora and fauna

8. Environmental Journalist

Average salary: $52,737

An Environmental Journalist reports on environmental issues and sustainability, also known as a Green Reporter.

Job duties:

  • Research environmental topics
  • Conduct interviews
  • Write articles and reports
  • Meet deadlines
  • Stay updated on eco-news

Job requirements:

  • Writing portfolio
  • Familiarity with scientific jargon
  • Quick adaptability to news cycles
  • Curiosity and inquisitiveness about eco-issues

9. Arborist

Average salary: $52,137

An Arborist cares for and maintains trees, sometimes known as a Tree Surgeon.

Job duties:

  • Prune tree branches
  • Treat diseased trees
  • Assess tree health
  • Remove hazardous trees
  • Plant new trees

Job requirements:

10. Cave Diver

Average salary: $63,529

A Cave Diver explores underwater caves, commonly a specialized type of Scuba Diver.

Job duties:

  • Map cave systems
  • Collect water samples
  • Monitor cave conditions
  • Maintain diving gear
  • Report findings

Job requirements:

  • Cave Diving Certification
  • Advanced Scuba Diving experience
  • First aid and CPR-certified
  • Physical fitness
  • Detail-oriented nature

11. Adventure Therapist

Average salary: $62,715

An Adventure Therapist uses outdoor activities to assist in mental health treatment.

Job duties:

  • Plan therapy sessions
  • Lead outdoor activities
  • Evaluate patient progress
  • Maintain therapy records
  • Collaborate with healthcare team

Job requirements:

  • Masters in Psychology or Counseling
  • Licensed Therapist
  • Outdoor leadership skills
  • Basic first aid certified
  • Good listening skills

12. Environmental Photographer

Average salary: $65,011

An Environmental Photographer captures images highlighting nature and environmental issues.

Job duties:

  • Shoot photos
  • Edit images
  • Research subjects
  • Select equipment
  • Publish work

Job requirements:

  • Portfolio of previous work
  • Technical skills in photography
  • Understanding of environmental issues
  • Physical fitness
  • Creativity in composition

13. Botanical Illustrator

Average salary: $59,140

A Botanical Illustrator creates detailed plant illustrations for scientific publications and educational materials.

Job duties:

  • Sketch plants
  • Color illustrations
  • Research flora
  • Collaborate with scientists
  • Update artwork revisions

Job requirements:

  • Portfolio with botanical art
  • Basic botany knowledge
  • Skill in digital and traditional media
  • Attention to detail

See, There Are Careers for Nature Lovers!

From Weather Observer to Renewable Energy Technician, this roundup offers a dynamic array of career paths for nature enthusiasts.

What’s grabbing your attention? Tell us in the comments.

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