13 Best Jobs for Lazy People (High Paying)

Looking for jobs for lazy people that pay well?

We’ve put together a list of some of the most laidback and low-effort jobs on the planet. Whether you’re a late riser or just a low-energy person, there’s something here to accommodate the full spectrum.

What Makes a Good Job for Lazy People?

Note: Our ‘Laziness scores’ below are based on how many of the following job characteristics apply to each job.

We looked for jobs that:

  1. Have a low energy work environment
  2. Aren’t prone to micro-management
  3. Offer late or flexible working hours
  4. Require little to no commute
  5. Don’t require lots of standing
  6. Don’t require lots of movement
  7. Don’t require lots of decision making

Best Jobs for Lazy People

1. Bed Tester

  • Average salary: $37,000
  • Laziness score: 7/7

A bed tester, otherwise known as a mattress tester or professional sleeper, gets paid to sleep and rate their experience.

Duties include trialing various mattresses, duvets, and pillows for companies developing new products. You’ll be reporting on your overall comfort, mood, and physical effects. These trials can span weeks or even months.

It doesn’t require any specific qualifications or experience, but you should be in good health, have a consistent sleep routine, and have good observation and communication skills.

2. Hotel Mystery Shopper

  • Average salary: $43,000
  • Laziness score: 6/7

A hotel mystery shopper, sometimes called a hotel mystery evaluator, gets paid to stay at hotels and rate their stay.

You’ll be expected to evaluate factors like customer service, check-in wait times, room service, hotel cleanliness, room cleanliness, available facilities, and general hotel maintenance. And yes, you’ll need to stay overnight.

Most companies hiring for this position aren’t looking for specific qualifications or experience. However, they often run dummy tests to gauge your grading and reporting skills during the interview stages.

3. Freelance Video Editor

  • Average salary: $57,000
  • Laziness score: 6/7

A freelance video editor takes raw footage and edits its length, sound, and quality to create a finished product.

You’ll be hired by clients to edit footage, dialogue, sound, and graphics into one cohesive video. You’ll also input and enhance additional footage using editing software, digitally splicing and reworking them to synchronize.

No qualifications are needed, but video editors should have a strong understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro and related software used in this industry. Good decision-making skills will also help in making creative decisions.

4. Film Critic

  • Average salary: $61,000
  • Laziness score: 6/7

A film critic, also known as a film reviewer, analyzes various film elements to form a professional review.

Other than just watching movies, duties include taking notes and researching to help form a clear argument for or against the movie. This is based on dialogue, acting, direction, and other essential components that make for a great film.

Formal education isn’t required, but film critics often have a bachelor’s degree if working for a publication. Strong writing and analytical skills will also help to develop an engaging review.

5. Luxury House Sitter

  • Average salary: $70,000
  • Laziness score: 6/7

A luxury house sitter is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a house while the owner is away. 

As a house sitter, you’ll perform regular house duties like general cleaning, watering plants, collecting mail, relaying messages, and caring for animals if the clients have any.

As for job requirements, signing up for a paying membership to a trusted house sitting site is standard practice, which will allow you to create a profile and apply for jobs in your area. You’ll need to be responsible and trustworthy, obviously.

6. Video Game Tester

  • Average salary: $47,000
  • Laziness score: 7/7

A video game tester plays video games, checking for errors, bugs, or glitches before the game goes to market.

You’ll be required to complete every game stage, complete side quests, and explore all hidden options and objects. You’ll also need to note every issue you find, recommending modifications as well as suggesting additional actions to improve the gamer’s experience.

Experience with gaming equipment and video game dynamics will help you secure a testing job. Having a good eye for detail to find issues and strong communication skills to relay them will also be beneficial.

7. Professional Taste Tester

  • Average salary: $42,000
  • Laziness score: 5/7

Taste testers, also known as “flavorists” or sensory evaluators, taste food to improve or develop new foods and flavors.

As a taste tester, you’ll be taking small bites of the foods to evaluate their components. You’ll also be taking notes about the taste, texture, and scent to give a detailed description of your food experience.

To become one, you’ll need an adventurous palate and be up on all the food-tasting jargon. A palate training course will also help you learn about and identify specific tastes.

8. Book Reviewer

  • Average salary: $64,000
  • Laziness score: 6/7

A book reviewer, also known as a book critic, reads, analyzes, and evaluates books to give their professional opinion.

You’ll often work with publishing companies or publications to read books before release. The job requires you to focus on character development, plots, and literary devices and summarize why a particular book impressed or disappointed.

Employers require a bachelor’s of English or literature when hiring book reviewers. You’ll also need excellent reading and comprehension skills, as well as strong writing abilities.

9. Professional Cuddler

  • Per hour: $80
  • Laziness score: 5/7

Also known as touch therapists, professional cuddlers are hired to hug and cuddle with clients.

As a professional cuddler, you’ll meet with your client and provide platonic cuddling sessions of about 90 minutes. Other duties vary depending on your comfort level but can include compassionate conversation, listening to music, or watching a movie.

No hard requirements for this one, but receiving a certificate in touch therapy can add relevant credentials to your resume. You will, however, need to be compassionate, have strong interpersonal skills, and be safety conscious.

10. Librarian

  • Average salary: $55,00
  • Laziness score: 5/7

A librarian collects, organizes, and issues library resources.

As a librarian, you’ll be cataloging and checking the condition of library resources, while making sure they’re easy to locate. Librarians also provide suggestions and help library users find what they’re looking for.

Many librarians often start as volunteers, learning the library system and database. From there, you’ll become a library assistant or study for a bachelor’s in library science. Great organizational and interpersonal skills will take you a long way in this role.

11. Food Critic

  • Average salary: $50,000
  • Laziness score: 5/7

A food critic, also known as a food writer or restaurant critic, reviews restaurants and dishes to give their unbiased evaluation.

Duties include visiting food establishments and trying a range of dishes on the menu. You’ll give thoughts on recipes, cooking techniques, flavors, and presentations for various blogs or publications.

A bachelor’s of journalism or English is often required for publication jobs, though blogging and freelance jobs generally only require a writing portfolio. Strong writing skills and a willingness to try new foods are also important.

12. Blogger

  • Average salary: $38,000
  • Laziness score: 7/7

A blogger writes, edits and posts content on web pages or websites. 

You’ll be responsible for pitching, writing, editing, and promoting blog content. Often responsibilities also include finding relevant images, ensuring articles are SEO-friendly, and linking social media platforms to widen your audience.

No specific training or education is required, but you should have strong analytical and communication skills to understand and convey information. An ability to adapt to different writing styles is also beneficial.

13. Transcriptionist

  • Average salary: $58,000
  • Laziness score: 7/7

Transcriptionists listen to audio or video recordings and create written versions.

Your main task will be to interpret and transcribe recorded dictations. You’ll rewrite multiple drafts while translating industry-specific jargon and adding missing words or information to make the transcription flow. 

Although there are no educational requirements, a stable internet connection and access to transcription equipment/software is a must. Top-notch listening skills will also be necessary to transcribe accurately, as well as time management to work efficiently.

There Are Careers for Lazy People!

From bed tester to professional taste tester, lazy people have plenty of great options when it comes to finding a low-effort job.

Which one stands out to you? Let us know in the comments.

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