13 Best Jobs for Globetrotters (High Paying)

Eager to find a job that lets you roam the globe?

We’ve gathered the best jobs for globetrotters that don’t skimp on the salary. If you’re someone who gets antsy staying in one place and loves to explore, these options will feed both your soul and your bank account.

What Makes a Good Job for Globetrotters?

We looked for jobs that:

  • Allow for extensive travel and exploration
  • Pay well enough to fund a globe-trotting lifestyle
  • Offer flexible work schedules for spontaneous adventures
  • Require engaging with different cultures or languages
  • Allow for remote work or have global office locations

Best Jobs for Globetrotters

Some of these positions might require a degree, but a good number of them are up for grabs based on your skills and certifications. Yep, you can snag a high-paying gig that lets you see the world, without necessarily having a wall full of diplomas.

Alright, let’s jump right into our hand-picked list of job ideas for globetrotters.

1. Expedition Leader

Average salary: $58,993

An Expedition Leader guides groups on outdoor adventures and is also known as an adventure guide or outdoor leader.

Job duties:

  • Leading groups through wilderness treks
  • Managing safety protocols
  • Setting up camp
  • Facilitating outdoor activities like kayaking or rock climbing
  • Navigating through challenging terrains
  • Offering first aid when needed
  • Conducting emergency evacuations if required

Job requirements:

  • Outdoor Leadership Certification
  • Wilderness First Responder Certification
  • Strong navigational skills
  • Skilled in outdoor activities like rock climbing, kayaking
  • Group management skills
  • Experience in crisis management

2. International Sales Manager

Average salary: $118,910

An International Sales Manager oversees sales operations in multiple countries and is also known as a global sales manager.

Job duties:

  • Developing sales strategies for foreign markets
  • Building relationships with international clients
  • Negotiating contracts and deals
  • Analyzing foreign market trends
  • Setting sales targets for international teams
  • Coordinating with local sales teams abroad
  • Monitoring international sales performance

Job requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years of sales experience
  • Proficiency in a second language
  • Understanding of international trade regulations
  • Ability to manage remote teams
  • Willingness to travel internationally frequently

3. SEO Specialist

Average salary: $56,635

An SEO Specialist improves a website’s visibility on search engines, sometimes known as an SEO Analyst or SEO Consultant.

Job duties:

  • Conducting keyword research
  • Optimizing website content
  • Analyzing website traffic
  • Implementing link-building strategies
  • Reporting on SEO metrics
  • Keeping up with SEO trends
  • Coordinating with web developers

Job requirements:

  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with SEO tools like SEMrush
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently

4. Adventure Therapist

Average salary: $73,679

An Adventure Therapist combines outdoor activities with mental health treatment, also known as Wilderness Therapist or Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Specialist.

Job duties:

  • Planning outdoor activities
  • Facilitating group therapy
  • Assessing client needs
  • Documenting progress
  • Ensuring safety during activities
  • Providing individual counseling
  • Collaborating with healthcare providers

Job requirements:

  • Licensed as a mental health therapist
  • Training in outdoor leadership
  • Basic First Aid and CPR certification
  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Adaptability to various outdoor conditions

5. Import-Export Specialist

Average salary: $63,447

An Import-Export Specialist manages the flow of goods between countries, sometimes referred to as International Trade Specialist or Export Coordinator.

Job duties:

  • Evaluating customs regulations
  • Filing documentation
  • Coordinating shipping schedules
  • Analyzing trade laws
  • Handling freight arrangements
  • Monitoring cargo transit
  • Resolving customs issues

Job requirements:

  • Knowledge of customs regulations
  • Familiarity with shipping software
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Timeline management skills
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Detail-oriented approach
  • Multi-tasking ability

6. Social Media Manager

Average salary: $56,256

A Social Media Manager runs a brand’s social platforms, sometimes known as a Community Manager or Social Media Coordinator.

Job duties:

  • Creating content calendars
  • Posting updates
  • Monitoring engagement
  • Running ad campaigns
  • Analyzing metrics
  • Coordinating with PR
  • Responding to customer inquiries

Job requirements:

  • Social media platform experience
  • Familiarity with analytics tools
  • Good copywriting skills
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Basic graphic design skills
  • Ability to work flexible hours

7. Ethical Hacker

Average salary: $112,893

An Ethical Hacker tests security systems to identify vulnerabilities, also called a White Hat Hacker or Security Analyst.

Job duties:

  • Performing penetration tests
  • Documenting findings
  • Recommending security upgrades
  • Running code reviews
  • Simulating cyber attacks
  • Consulting on security measures
  • Training staff on security awareness

Job requirements:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or similar certification
  • Experience with programming languages
  • Strong understanding of network protocols
  • Familiarity with operating systems
  • Ability to write reports
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Open to continuous learning

8. Foreign Correspondent

Average salary: $75,818

A Foreign Correspondent reports news from abroad, sometimes known as an overseas reporter or international journalist.

Job duties:

  • Covering local events
  • Interviewing sources
  • Writing articles
  • Shooting video
  • Filing stories on deadline
  • Navigating foreign cultures
  • Coordinating with home office

Job requirements:

  • Previous reporting experience
  • Language proficiency in covered region
  • Adaptability to new environments
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Awareness of global affairs
  • Ability to travel frequently

9. Adventure Photographer

Average salary: $59,935

An Adventure Photographer captures images in extreme conditions, also referred to as an action or extreme sports photographer.

Job duties:

  • Scouting locations
  • Setting up equipment
  • Capturing action shots
  • Editing photos
  • Handling gear in tough conditions
  • Coordinating with clients
  • Submitting to publications

Job requirements:

  • Professional photography experience
  • Portfolio showcasing relevant work
  • Proficiency in photo-editing software
  • Physical fitness for demanding locations
  • Good eye for composition
  • Skilled at time management
  • Willingness to work irregular hours

10. Field Service Engineer

Average salary: $73,169

A Field Service Engineer troubleshoots and repairs equipment in the field, often known as a Service Technician or Field Engineer.

Job duties:

  • Diagnosing issues
  • Performing repairs
  • Installing new equipment
  • Training clients
  • Documenting work
  • Reporting to headquarters
  • Maintaining tools

Job requirements:

  • Engineering degree or related field
  • Relevant certifications
  • Experience with specific equipment types
  • Good troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to travel
  • Comfortable working solo
  • Good time management

11. Yacht Crew Member

Average salary: $19.39/hour

A Yacht Crew Member maintains and operates a yacht, sometimes called a Yacht Steward/Stewardess or Deckhand.

Job duties:

  • Cleaning the yacht
  • Assisting with navigation
  • Performing maintenance
  • Serving guests
  • Docking the vessel
  • Inventory checks
  • Obeying safety protocols

Job requirements:

  • STCW certification
  • Previous yachting experience
  • Knowledge of yacht systems
  • Physical fitness
  • Ability to swim
  • Flexibility with schedule

12. Translator

Average salary: $61,599

A Translator converts written or spoken material from one language to another, sometimes referred to as an Interpreter for spoken language tasks.

Job duties:

  • Reading content
  • Translating text
  • Editing drafts
  • Proofreading
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Client communication
  • Meeting deadlines

Job requirements:

  • Fluency in source and target languages
  • Experience with translation software
  • Attention to detail
  • Good writing skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Punctuality

13. Virtual Assistant

Average salary: $44,552

A Virtual Assistant performs administrative tasks remotely, sometimes known as a Remote Executive Assistant or Online Personal Assistant.

Job duties:

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Data entry
  • Email management
  • Handling calls
  • Document organization
  • Conducting research
  • Basic bookkeeping

Job requirements:

  • Prior administrative experience
  • Familiarity with office software
  • Good written communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Basic tech troubleshooting
  • Proactive attitude
  • Reliable internet connection

See, There Are Careers for Globetrotters!

From SEO Specialist to Virtual Assistant, the list of high-paying jobs for world wanderers is both diverse and thrilling.

Which gig is screaming your name? We’re all ears in the comments.

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