13 Best Jobs for Extroverts (High Paying)

Looking for jobs for extroverts that pay well?

If you thrive in social situations, are a confident ‘peoples’ person, and enjoy engaging in conversation, we’ve created the ultimate list of jobs to suit your extroverted personality.

What Makes a Good Job for Extroverts?

Note: Our scores below are based on how many of the following job characteristics apply to each job.

We looked for jobs that:

  1. Allow you to interact with a variety of people
  2. Offer opportunities to travel
  3. Offer a fast-paced environment
  4. Require lots of teamwork
  5. Allow for networking opportunities
  6. Are prone to action-oriented tasks

Best Jobs for Extroverts

1. Mediator

  • Average salary: $85,000
  • Our score: 5/6

A mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties to reach a settlement.

Duties include facilitating communication and holding meetings to educate the parties about the arbitration process, as well as interviewing witnesses, examining documents, and preparing court documents and cases.

You’ll need to get a law degree, and complete between 20 to 40 training hours or earn yourself a mediator certification. Strong negotiation, interpersonal, and communication skills will help you facilitate disputing parties.

2. Sales Representative 

  • Average salary: $47,000
  • Our score: 5/6

A sales representative is responsible for selling a company’s products and providing long-term clients with customer support. 

Working as part of a sales team, negotiating contracts, and determining pricing schedules for prospective clients is the name of the game. You’ll also be responsible for meeting sales quotas, often by giving presentations to boost sales.

A bachelor’s degree in business is required for a job like this. Sales representatives need to be organized, have pretty good mathematical skills, and have excellent communication skills to sell the company’s product.

3. Occupational Therapist

  • Average salary: $92,000
  • Our score: 4/6

An occupational therapist helps patients regain everyday abilities that patients have lost due to physical, mental, or emotional conditions.

Duties include assessing patients, implementing treatments, and evaluating progress. You’ll be working with a team of physicians incorporating equipment and aids to meet patients’ performance goals.

You’ll need a master’s in occupational therapy, and you’ll have to pass a board exam. Compassion, patience, and strong interpersonal skills are essential in making sure your patients are comfortable and cared for.

4. Marketing Manager

  • Average salary: $52,000
  • Our score: 6/6

Marketing managers oversee programs and campaigns to boost brand awareness and increase sales.

Marketing managers manage new marketing campaigns, coordinate strategies, ensure budgets are met, and meet with clients. They also analyze and evaluate campaigns to determine if they were successful.

This one requires a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, or business. Creativity is necessary to think outside the box, as is being able to multitask in order to juggle multiple responsibilities at once.

5. Registered Nurse

  • Average salary: $70,000
  • Our score: 5/6

Registered nurses, often abbreviated to RNs, provide medical care for patients in various medical settings.

Duties include documenting a patient’s medical history, monitoring symptoms and vital signs, as well as administering medication prescribed. You’ll also work alongside doctors and other medical professionals to perform medical exams.

To become one, you’ll need a diploma in nursing and pass the National Council Licensure Examination. A high level of compassion is needed to care for patients while building rapport and trust. RNs also often have long shifts, so you’ll need to be in good health.

6. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 

  • Average salary: $82,000
  • Our score: 6/6

A pharmaceutical sales representative, also known as a pharma rep or PSR, informs doctors of medications available in order to increase sales of a product.

You’ll be responsible for promoting suitable products for a client’s needs. You’ll need to persuade doctors by providing product information, providing samples, and performing a cost-benefit analysis. As a PSR, you’ll also be attending sales meetings, training sessions, and networking events.

A bachelor’s degree in related fields and a Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) credential is required. With this being a sales role, having confidence and good interpersonal skills will take you far.

7.  Public Relations Professional 

  • Average salary: $44,000
  • Our score: 5/6

Also known as a PR, a public relations professional helps clients craft their public image by building and influencing relationships and brand awareness.

Duties include promoting the client’s brand, organizing press releases, building customer relationships, managing public campaigns, and minimizing any negative press. 

You’ll need a degree in marketing, journalism, or English.  Networking is vital, so it’s important to be flexible with working outside office hours and on-demand. Being able to handle stressful situations is also crucial.

8. Lawyer

  • Average salary: $81,000
  • Our score: 5/6

A lawyer is a certified professional that provides services to represent a client in a legal matter. 

You’ll be advising and representing clients in and out of court and drafting legal documents, as well as communicating with clients, investigating research, collecting evidence, and conducting interviews.

Lawyers must have a law degree and pass the state bar exam. Organizational skills, communication skills, and the ability to problem-solve are all essential in this role.

9. Financial Advisor

  • Average salary: $70,000
  • Our score: 4/6

Financial advisors work with clients to help manage their finances and investments.

Duties include communicating with and advising clients based on their income and expenses. You’ll also help with setting up savings accounts, developing investment strategies, and managing investment portfolios.

A finance, business, or economics degree is required along with a FINRA qualification. Having fantastic interpersonal skills and a keen interest in keeping up with current economic trends are crucial for this role.

10. Recruiter

  • Average salary: $51,000
  • Our score: 4/6

Recruiters seek out the best candidates for jobs they are assigned to fill.

You’ll be introducing candidates to hiring managers, setting up interviews, and working with the client throughout the hiring process. You’ll also conduct security screenings and help the candidate prepare for the interview.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Excellent time-management skills are also necessary to meet deadlines and fill positions in the required time frame.

11. Social Media Influencer

  • Average salary: $47,000
  • Our score: 5/6

A social media influencer creates and edits content for various social media platforms. 

Duties include interacting with audiences, sharing visible links to products or sites, and encouraging viewership participation. You’ll also often be sponsored by other brands to promote their products.

There aren’t any specific educational requirements, but you’ll need to possess an array of skills from being tech-savvy to having a solid understanding of social media platforms. You’ll also need to be presentable.

12. Human Resources Manager

  • Average salary: $75,000
  • Our score: 4/6

A human resources manager, abbreviated to HR, liaise between employees and employer, ensuring company policies and labor laws are in place.

HR managers are involved in the hiring and onboarding process and tackle any issues employees raise in the workplace. They also handle employment paperwork, initiate training, and discuss payroll requirements.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Excellent public speaking and communication skills are also required as you’ll often be leading presentations and meetings.

13. Flight Attendant

  • Average salary: $60,000
  • Our score: 6/6

Flight attendants, also known as stewardesses or air hostesses, keep passengers safe and comfortable during flights.

Your primary duty will be to make sure all passengers follow safety regulations, while also helping them find their seats, assisting them through the flight, providing food and drinks, and ensuring their general comfort.

You’ll need to attend an airline-provided training program and receive a certificate from the FAA once completed. You must also have excellent customer service skills and attention to detail, as well be in good health as you’ll often be working long hours.

There Are Careers for Extroverts!

Whether you’re interested in becoming a social media influencer or venturing into law as a mediator, there are exciting high-paying jobs for all types of extroverts.

Which one stands out to you?

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