13 Best Jobs for Documentary Lovers (High Paying)

Curious about job options that align with your passion for documentaries?

Check out this list that pinpoints the best jobs for documentary lovers and also pays well. Perfect for those who are as keen on a solid income as they are on narrative storytelling.

What Makes a Good Job for Documentary Lovers?

We looked for jobs that:

  • Provide opportunities for storytelling or narrative creation
  • Allow deep research or investigative elements
  • Offer collaboration with writers, filmmakers, or researchers
  • Have an impact on social issues or real-world events
  • Involve frequent screenings or analysis of documentaries

Best Jobs for Documentary Lovers

Hey, so not every job on this list needs a fancy degree hanging on your wall. In fact, a good number of them can be landed with just the right skill set and a few certifications. Yep, you read that right; you can still get paid well without the student loan drama.

Ready to explore? Let’s dive into this tailored list of job options for documentary lovers.

1. Documentary Distributor

Average salary: $50,634

A Documentary Distributor is responsible for getting documentaries seen by wider audiences, also known as a Film Distributor in other contexts.

Job duties:

  • Negotiating with streaming platforms
  • Coordinating film festival submissions
  • Managing licensing agreements
  • Building partnerships with broadcasters
  • Developing marketing strategies for distribution

Job requirements:

  • 3+ years in the film or media industry
  • Skills in contract negotiation
  • Ability to analyze market trends
  • Strong networking skills
  • Proficiency in digital marketing

2. Field Producer

Average salary: $72,777

A Field Producer plans and oversees the logistical aspects of documentary shoots, often coordinating closely with the Director and Crew.

Job duties:

  • Location scouting
  • Budget planning
  • Managing shoot schedules
  • Coordinating with camera and sound teams
  • Obtaining filming permits
  • Conducting preliminary interviews

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Film Production or Journalism
  • Minimum 2 years of field producing experience
  • Project management skills
  • Good with logistics and planning
  • Strong problem-solving ability
  • Capable in conflict resolution

3. Cinematographer

Average salary: $61,808

A Cinematographer, sometimes called a Director of Photography, is in charge of the visual elements of a documentary, deciding how each scene will be lit and shot.

Job duties:

  • Selecting camera lenses
  • Designing lighting setup
  • Working with director for shot composition
  • Operating camera equipment
  • Coordinating with grip and electric teams
  • Color grading in post-production

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Film Production or Cinematography
  • 2+ years of cinematography experience
  • Skilled in camera operation
  • Knowledge of lighting techniques
  • Proficiency in color grading software
  • A strong visual eye

4. Visual Effects Artist

Average salary: $93,821

A Visual Effects Artist, also known as a VFX Artist, adds digital enhancements or effects to a documentary post-shoot.

Job duties:

  • Creating 2D and 3D models
  • Compositing visual elements
  • Animating text or graphics
  • Applying special effects
  • Rendering final outputs
  • Collaborating with editors

Job requirements:

  • Hands-on experience with VFX software like After Effects
  • Familiarity with 3D modeling tools
  • Basic understanding of film editing
  • Attention to detail
  • A knack for creativity

5. Media Analyst

Average salary: $61,808

A Media Analyst assesses and interprets how documentaries are received by the audience, often working closely with market researchers and public relations professionals.

Job duties:

  • Monitoring media coverage
  • Analyzing social metrics
  • Preparing reports
  • Identifying trends
  • Recommending strategy shifts
  • Consulting with marketing teams

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies or related field
  • Familiarity with media analytics tools
  • Basic knowledge of SEO and social media algorithms
  • Skilled in data interpretation
  • Adept at written communication
  • Curiosity for media trends

6. Film Archivist

Average salary: $52,821

A Film Archivist is responsible for the storage, cataloging, and retrieval of documentary films and related materials.

Job duties:

  • Cataloging films
  • Maintaining databases
  • Digitizing analog materials
  • Preserving film quality
  • Handling inquiries
  • Assisting researchers

Job requirements:

7. Educational Consultant

Average salary: $63,832

An Educational Consultant works with schools and educational organizations to improve curriculum, teaching methods, and overall educational quality. Also known as education advisors or school consultants.

Job duties:

  • Assessing curricula
  • Advising educators
  • Training staff
  • Developing resources
  • Analyzing data
  • Recommending improvements

Job requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Education or related field
  • State-issued educational consultant license
  • Familiarity with federal and state education regulations
  • Good at data analysis
  • Skilled in verbal communication
  • Adaptability to various educational settings

8. Colorist

Average salary: $47,836

A Colorist enhances the visual elements of a documentary, focusing on color grading and image adjustment.

Job duties:

  • Color grading
  • Image balancing
  • Matching scenes
  • Fine-tuning details
  • Collaborating with editors
  • Addressing client feedback

Job requirements:

  • Professional training in color grading software
  • Portfolio demonstrating expertise
  • Strong visual skills
  • Ability to work under deadlines
  • Good teamwork skills
  • A keen eye for detail

9. Sound Designer

Average salary: $64,649

A Sound Designer creates and manipulates audio elements for media projects like films, games, and live performances.

Job duties:

  • Create soundscapes
  • Record Foley sounds
  • Mix audio tracks
  • Collaborate with directors
  • Edit sound files
  • Sync audio with visuals

Job requirements:

  • Degree in Sound Design or related field
  • Proficiency in sound editing software
  • Good ear for sound
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Teamwork skills

10. Documentary Outreach Coordinator

Average salary: $50,025

A Documentary Outreach Coordinator promotes documentaries by engaging with communities, coordinating screenings, and leveraging social media.

Job duties:

  • Plan screenings
  • Contact community leaders
  • Manage social media
  • Track engagement metrics
  • Coordinate with filmmakers
  • Develop promotional materials

Job requirements:

  • Experience in community engagement
  • Social media savvy
  • Data analysis skills
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Flexibility and adaptability

11. Story Consultant

Average salary: $65,493

A Story Consultant, sometimes known as a Narrative Consultant, helps refine and improve the story elements of scripts, plays, or other narrative forms.

Job duties:

  • Review scripts
  • Suggest plot changes
  • Develop characters
  • Enhance dialogue
  • Work with writers
  • Finalize story arcs

Job requirements:

  • Experience with script analysis
  • Strong story instincts
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Collaborative mindset

12. Dialogue Editor

Average salary: $59,225

A Dialogue Editor cleans up and enhances spoken parts in film and TV projects.

Job duties:

  • Cut dialogue tracks
  • Remove noise
  • Sync audio
  • Edit breaths
  • Fix pacing issues
  • Coordinate with sound team

Job requirements:

  • Experience in post-production
  • Proficient in audio software
  • Good listening skills
  • Time management skills
  • Teamwork skills

13. Podcast Producer

Average salary: $59,338

A Podcast Producer oversees the creation and distribution of podcast episodes, also known as a Podcast Manager in some circles.

Job duties:

  • Plan episodes
  • Book guests
  • Record audio
  • Edit content
  • Upload episodes
  • Promote show
  • Monitor analytics

Job requirements:

  • Prior podcasting experience
  • Proficient in audio editing software
  • Solid communication skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Social media savvy
  • Creative mindset

See, There Are Careers for Documentary Lovers!

From Colorist to Podcast Producer, we’ve rounded up some stellar job opportunities for anyone passionate about documentaries.

Feeling inspired by any of these roles? Tell us which one caught your eye in the comments!

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