How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Dots?

Curious about the age requirements to snag a job at Dots?

In this read, you’ll get the lowdown on the minimum age to apply at Dots, the age-related rules that come with the job, what your duties could look like, and job roles best suited for certain age brackets.

How Old to Work at Dots?

You need to be at least 16 to work at Dots.

The 16-year-old age bar is consistent across the US. But if you’re under 18, some states may need you to have a work permit.

There aren’t usually any other strict qualifications to get a job at Dots. They’re generally more concerned about your ability to engage with customers than any diplomas you may or may not have.

While the focus here is on age, it’s good to be aware that Dots doesn’t commonly hire many minors. So if you’re under 18, just know that the odds might not be strongly in your favor.

Quick summary table for you:

Candidate ageEligibility
Does Dots hire 14 year olds?No.
Does Dots hire 15 year olds?No.
Does Dots hire 16 year olds?Yes, with conditions.
Does Dots hire 17 year olds?Yes, with conditions.
Does Dots hire 18 year olds?Yes.
Does Dots hire 19 year olds?Yes.

Can You Work at Dots at 14 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Dots if you’re 14.

If you’re eager to start earning but are only 14, Dots isn’t an option. However, places like fast-food chains and grocery stores often hire younger teens.

Even at companies that do hire 14-year-olds, there are usually shift limits due to labor laws. Expect shorter working hours and, generally, no late-night or early-morning shifts.

Getting a work permit could be a requirement, depending on where you live. A work permit is a legal document that clears minors to work, and it’s often a must-have before starting a new job.

Can You Work at Dots at 15 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Dots if you’re 15.

Just like 14-year-olds, 15-year-olds fall under the same category when it comes to child labor laws, meaning the rules are essentially the same for both ages.

The main reason Dots sets its minimum age at 16 might be due to the responsibilities and tasks they expect employees to handle, which they deem unsuitable for younger teens.

Can You Work at Dots at 16 Years Old?

Yes, you can work at Dots if you’re 16.

At 16, you meet the age requirement to work at Dots. You could be looking at roles like sales associate or stock clerk. However, there might be some limitations on tasks you can perform because of your age.

In terms of shifts, don’t expect to work late nights. Labor laws often restrict how late minors can work, even if you’re at the minimum hiring age for Dots.

While you meet the age bar, you might still need a work permit if you’re under 18. A work permit is a document that legally clears minors for employment, and it’s sometimes needed before you can start your first day on the job.

Can You Work at Dots at 17 Years Old?

Yes, you can work at Dots at 17.

Just like with 16-year-olds, the same minor labor laws apply to you. These laws dictate the kind of work you can do and the hours you can work.

You can fill roles like sales associate, but you’re still going to be restricted on how late you can work and may need a work permit to even start the job.

Even though you’re almost 18, some Dots locations might give preference to 18-year-old applicants simply because they aren’t bound by the same limitations as minors.

Do Dots Jobs Have Different Age Requirements?

Yes, Dots has roles with different age requirements.

Roles like Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager usually require you to be at least 18. This is because these gigs involve more responsibility, like supervising staff and handling store operations.

Here’s a table to give you a quick rundown:

Dots’s JobsMinimum AgeAverage Pay
Sales Associate16 years+$13-$16
Cashier16 years+$12-$15
Key Holder16 years+$13-$16
Assistant Store Manager18 years+$16-$20
Store Manager18 years+$20-$29
Assistant Buyer18 years+$23-$31
Merchandise Administrator18 years+$17-$22

Disclaimer: The average pay for Dots jobs is sourced from reliable industry sources such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale.

What Do Dots Teen Jobs Involve?

Sales Associate. Assist customers with purchases, maintain store appearance, and operate cash registers.

Cashier. Bill customers, pack their items, keep the cash area tidy, and stock shopping bags.

Key Holder. Open and close the store, supervise employees, and help with daily operations.

Assistant Store Manager. Oversee the store, manage employees, and make decisions.

Store Manager. Run the store, supervise staff, and make decisions.

Assistant Buyer. Help with inventory purchases, look at sales data, and work with suppliers.

Merchandise Administrator. Handle inventory, work with suppliers, and analyze sales data.

Do Some States Have Different Age Requirements?

Yes, they do.

Dots is making a comeback and currently has stores in 28 states. Some states have additional age-related rules, so while the minimum age at Dots is 16, your state might say otherwise.

Even beyond state laws, hiring managers at individual stores could set their own rules for how old you need to be.

What Age Does Dots Hire in Florida? The minimum age is 16, but local rules could add extra steps.

What Age Does Dots Hire in Texas? You can start at 16, though state-specific requirements might apply.

What Age Does Dots Hire in California? The starting age is 16, but keep an eye out for any extra state conditions.

Summary: At What Age Does Dots Hire?

You can kickstart your retail career at Dots starting at 16 years old. Roles you might snag include Sales Associate, Cashier, and Key Holder.

If you’re 18 or older, other opportunities open up for you, such as Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager roles.

For a deeper look at job opportunities, check out the Dots careers page.

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