How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Club Monaco?

Wondering what age you need to be to secure a job at Club Monaco?

This article will fill you in on the youngest age you can apply at Club Monaco, any limitations tied to age, the duties involved in different positions, and roles that might be a better fit depending on how old you are.

How Old to Work at Club Monaco?

You need to be 18 years old to work at Club Monaco.

Club Monaco’s age requirement is a standard 18 across the US. If you’re younger than 18, you can’t work here; the company opts not to hire minors.

There aren’t many special conditions you need to meet. Just being 18 is pretty much it; the focus is on being old enough rather than any specific qualifications.

Given you need to be 18, there’s a low chance of landing a job here if you’re a minor. So, the hiring likelihood leans heavily toward adults.

Here’s the rundown:

Candidate ageEligibility
Does Club Monaco hire 14 year olds?No.
Does Club Monaco hire 15 year olds?No.
Does Club Monaco hire 16 year olds?No.
Does Club Monaco hire 17 year olds?No.
Does Club Monaco hire 18 year olds?Yes.
Does Club Monaco hire 19 year olds?Yes.

Can You Work at Club Monaco at 14 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Club Monaco at 14 years old.

Since Club Monaco’s age minimum is 18, you’ll have to look elsewhere if you’re 14. Some alternatives that often hire younger teens include fast-food chains like McDonald’s or retail stores like Kroger.

While Club Monaco doesn’t offer this flexibility, companies that do hire at 14 usually have specific shift restrictions. Often, these include limited work hours during the school week and a cap on total weekly hours.

Even if you find a job at a more age-flexible place, you might need a work permit, depending on where you live. A work permit is often needed for younger employees to ensure they’re balancing work, education, and other life responsibilities.

Can You Work at Club Monaco at 15 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Club Monaco at 15 years old.

Just like 14-year-olds, 15-year-olds fall under the same child labor laws, which means the rules are pretty much the same for both age groups.

The reason Club Monaco doesn’t hire 14 or 15-year-olds likely boils down to the type of business they are. Being a high-end fashion retailer, they might be looking for a more mature staff to represent their brand.

Can You Work at Club Monaco at 16 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Club Monaco at 16 years old.

Even if you’re 16, Club Monaco’s policies still won’t let you in the door. They stick with an 18-year-old minimum for all roles, so you won’t find any specific jobs there suited for your age group.

This rule also means there aren’t any shift restrictions to discuss for 16-year-olds, since you can’t work there until you’re 18.

Although it’s not relevant for Club Monaco, be aware that many places may require a work permit for those under 18. These permits help make sure young people balance work, school, and life.

Can You Work at Club Monaco at 17 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Club Monaco at 17 years old.

Just like 16-year-olds, those who are 17 are also bound by child labor laws. Club Monaco doesn’t hire below 18 for any role, so these laws wouldn’t come into play here anyway.

The story stays the same: no roles or shifts are available for those under 18. If you’re under 18 and looking elsewhere to work, you might also need a work permit.

Even if some places do hire under 18, know that they might still lean towards hiring 18-year-olds. They’re not subject to the same labor restrictions, making them more flexible hires.

Do Club Monaco Jobs Have Different Age Requirements?

Yes, Club Monaco jobs do have different age requirements.

Some roles at Club Monaco have higher age requirements because of additional responsibilities and leadership demands. For example, jobs like Key Holder or Store Manager require you to be at least 18 because they involve more complex tasks and trust.

Quick table for your reference:

Club Monaco’s JobsMinimum AgeAverage Pay
Sales Associate16 years+$17-$24
Stock Associate16 years+$13-$17
Visual Associate16 years+$15-$20
Cashier18 years+$13-$16
Key Holder18 years+$14-$18
Assistant Store Manager18 years+$19-$26
Store Manager18 years+$23-$33

Disclaimer: The average pay for Club Monaco jobs is sourced from reliable industry sources such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale.

What Do Club Monaco Teen Jobs Involve?

Sales Associate. Greeting and assisting customers, maintaining a clean sales floor, processing transactions, offering product knowledge, and styling advice.

Stock Associate. Receiving and unpacking shipments, organizing and restocking the sales floor, maintaining accurate inventory, and assisting with store maintenance like cleaning and organizing.

Visual Associate. Maximizing sales, maintaining store visuals, assisting in operations, and executing merchandise flow.

Cashier. Greeting customers, assisting in product finding, processing transactions, maintaining a clean cash area, maximizing sales opportunities, participating in inventory counts, and ensuring operational integrity.

Assistant Store Manager. Supporting daily operations, training and supervising associates, monitoring sales performance, and resolving customer issues.

Store Manager. Overseeing all operations, developing sales strategies, recruiting and training staff, and maintaining customer service and visual standards.

Key Holder. Supporting financial growth, supervising the sales floor, focusing on customer service, and processing returns.

Do Some States Have Different Age Requirements?

No, they don’t.

Club Monaco operates 39 stores across the US, all adhering to the minimum employment age of 18. This aligns with the federal age requirement and is consistent from coast to coast.

Regardless of state laws, some hiring managers at individual stores might set stricter age rules.

What Age Does Club Monaco Hire in Florida? The minimum age to work here is 18, in line with federal guidelines.

What Age Does Club Monaco Hire in Texas? Just like in Florida, you’ve got to be at least 18 to get hired.

What Age Does Club Monaco Hire in California? You guessed it—18 is the magic number here too.

Summary: At What Age Does Club Monaco Hire?

If you’re looking to work at Club Monaco, the age gate is 18. Popular roles for newcomers often include Sales Associate, Stock Associate, and Marketing Coordinator.

While you can start off in various roles, some positions like Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager are strictly for those who are 18 or older.

Ready for a stylish career? Head over to the Club Monaco careers page for all the details.

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