How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Citi Trends?

Wondering how old you need to be to work at Citi Trends?

We’ll go over the minimum age requirements to apply at Citi Trends, any restrictions based on age for various positions, and what responsibilities come with those jobs. We’ll also recommend positions that suit different age groups best.

How Old to Work at Citi Trends?

You need to be at least 16 or 18 years old to work at Citi Trends, depending on your state.

The age requirement can differ from one state to another. In some places, you can start working at 16, but in others, you’ll have to be 18. If you’re under 18, some states will ask for a work permit.

As for other qualifications, there’s typically no specific experience or skills required. Citi Trends usually focuses more on your ability to work well in a team and your customer service skills.

Although age restrictions can vary, Citi Trends does hire younger employees, especially for entry-level roles. So, you’ve got a decent shot at landing a job here if you’re a minor.

Quick summary table right below.

Candidate ageEligibility
Does Citi Trends hire 14 year olds?No.
Does Citi Trends hire 15 year olds?No.
Does Citi Trends hire 16 year olds?Yes, with conditions.
Does Citi Trends hire 17 year olds?Yes, with conditions.
Does Citi Trends hire 18 year olds?Yes.
Does Citi Trends hire 19 year olds?Yes.

Can You Work at Citi Trends at 14 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Citi Trends if you’re 14 years old.

If you’re 14 and eager to start working, Citi Trends isn’t an option, but you’re not out of luck. Other retail or fast-food spots like McDonald’s or grocery stores often hire at this age.

For those alternative places that do hire at 14 or 15, be prepared for some limitations. You’ll usually have shorter shifts and can’t work during school hours.

Even if you find a job at 14, your state may require a work permit. This document is basically your state’s way of saying, “Yep, this young person can work!” It’s often necessary if you’re under 18.

Can You Work at Citi Trends at 15 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at Citi Trends if you’re 15 years old.

Both 14 and 15-year-olds fall under the same bucket when it comes to child labor laws, so the rules are pretty consistent between these ages.

Citi Trends doesn’t hire 15-year-olds, likely because of the limitations that come with hiring someone that young. Labor laws can be pretty restrictive, making it less appealing for employers like Citi Trends to hire in this age group.

Can You Work at Citi Trends at 16 Years Old?

Yes, you can work at Citi Trends at 16 years old, but it depends on your state.

If you’re 16, some Citi Trends locations might be open for you. Roles like Sales Associate or Stock Clerk could be a good fit at this age. But remember, it varies by state, so always check with your local store.

For 16-year-olds, there might be some restrictions on how late you can work or how many hours per week. These limits align with typical labor laws for minors.

Just because you’re 16 doesn’t mean you’re free from paperwork. You might still need a work permit, which is a formal document that gives you the green light to work before you turn 18.

Can You Work at Citi Trends at 17 Years Old?

Yes, you can work at Citi Trends at 17 years old, but it varies by state.

Much like the 14 and 15-year-old group, 16 and 17-year-olds are also subject to the same child labor laws.

The roles and shift limitations are pretty much the same as for 16-year-olds. You might be looking at Sales Associate or Stock Clerk positions, and you could still need a work permit.

Even at 17, some Citi Trends stores might lean toward hiring 18-year-olds because they don’t have the same work restrictions. So, don’t be surprised if you face a bit of competition.

Do Citi Trends Jobs Have Different Age Requirements?

Yes, they do.

Some roles at Citi Trends require you to be older due to the level of responsibility and experience involved, especially for managerial positions which often require a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Here’s a quick reference table for you:

Citi Trends JobsMinimum AgeAverage Pay
Sales Associate16 years+$16-$23
Cashier16 years+$12-$14
Stock Associate16 years+$10-$24
Merchandise Handler16 years+$14-$18
Assistant Store Manager18 years+$15-$20
Store Manager18 years+$23-$35
Manager18 years+$15-$24

Disclaimer: The average pay for Citi Trends jobs is sourced from reliable industry sources such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale.

What Do Citi Trends Teen Jobs Involve?

Sales Associate. Greet customers, assist with shopping, answer questions, operate a cash register, maintain a clean store, and restock merchandise.

Cashier. Operate cash register, provide excellent customer service, keep the store tidy, and assist with restocking and inventory.

Stock Associate. Receive shipments, unpack and label items, restock sales floor, maintain a clean stockroom, and help with inventory management.

Merchandise Handler. Process shipments, unpack and label goods, prepare items for store shipment, keep the warehouse clean, and assist with inventory tasks.

Assistant Store Manager. Help with store operations, supervise and train staff, maintain customer service quality, handle cash, and assist with inventory and merchandising.

Store Manager. Oversee store operations, hire and train staff, focus on customer satisfaction, implement sales strategies, and manage cash and financial transactions.

Manager. Manage operations, hire and train employees, set sales goals, oversee financial transactions, and manage multiple store locations and staff.

Do Some States Have Different Age Requirements?

Yes, they do.

Citi Trends has 611 stores across 33 states. In some states, you need to be at least 16, while in others, the age jumps to 18. It varies, so you’ll want to double-check with the specific store location in your state.

While state laws set a framework, individual store managers can set higher age requirements for hiring, so you might find variations even within the same state.

What Age Does Citi Trends Hire in Florida? The age requirement in Florida is typically 16 or 18, depending on the specific store.

What Age Does Citi Trends Hire in Texas? In Texas, it’s the same deal: age requirements might be 16 or 18, based on the store’s discretion.

What Age Does Citi Trends Hire in California? California also follows the trend, with some stores hiring at 16 and others requiring you to be at least 18.

Summary: At What Age Does Citi Trends Hire?

Citi Trends starts hiring at 16 years old for roles like Sales Associate, Cashier, and Stock Associate. These jobs are pretty popular for young folks eager to step into the workforce.

However, if you’re under 18, you’ll have to wait a bit for managerial roles like Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, and Manager. These jobs require you to be at least 18 years old due to the greater responsibilities involved.

Want to know more or ready to apply? Head over to the Citi Trends careers page to get all the details.

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