How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at American Eagle Outfitters?

Wondering what age you should be to snag a job at American Eagle Outfitters?

Read on to find out the youngest age you can be to apply for a position at American Eagle Outfitters, the age-based restrictions you’ll face, what your job might involve, and which roles are best suited for different age brackets.

How Old to Work at American Eagle Outfitters?

You need to be at least 16 years old to work at American Eagle Outfitters.

The 16-year age requirement applies consistently across all American Eagle Outfitters locations in the US. If you’re under 18, some states might ask you to get a work permit.

Though you can start at 16, some roles, especially in management or security, require you to be at least 18. These positions might also expect you to have some prior experience or qualifications.

Most teens looking for an entry-level position will likely find opportunities here. However, those with a bit more experience have a shot at snagging more advanced roles.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Candidate ageEligibility
Does American Eagle hire 14 year olds?No.
Does American Eagle hire 15 year olds?No.
Does American Eagle hire 16 year olds?Yes.
Does American Eagle hire 17 year olds?Yes, with conditions.
Does American Eagle hire 18 year olds?Yes.
Does American Eagle hire 19 year olds?Yes.

Can You Work at American Eagle Outfitters at 14 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at American Eagle Outfitters at 14.

If you’re 14 and eager to work, you might want to look into companies like fast-food chains or grocery stores, as they often hire younger teens.

For the jobs mentioned, there are usually restrictions on the hours you can work if you’re 14 or 15. For example, you might only be able to work after school hours and not past a certain time in the evening.

Whether you’re aiming for a job at American Eagle when you turn 16 or considering other options now, be aware that a work permit might be necessary depending on your state. A work permit is an official document that allows a minor to be employed.

Can You Work at American Eagle Outfitters at 15 Years Old?

No, you can’t work at American Eagle Outfitters at 15.

Child labor laws usually group 14 and 15-year-olds together, meaning they’re subject to the same work restrictions and rules.

Since American Eagle Outfitters sets its minimum age at 16, it doesn’t typically hire 15-year-olds. One reason could be that the rules for employing younger teens might be too complex or restrictive for the company to navigate.

Can You Work at American Eagle Outfitters at 16 Years Old?

Yes, you can work at American Eagle Outfitters starting at 16.

You can typically apply for entry-level roles like sales associate at this age. Some roles may have extra requirements, but 16 is the age floor for getting your foot in the door.

As for work hours, you might have some limitations since you’re 16, but these restrictions usually align with federal labor laws for minors.

While you’re old enough to work here, you might still need a work permit if you’re under 18. A work permit is basically official permission to work as a minor, and it helps employers stick to the legal guidelines for hiring young people.

Can You Work at American Eagle Outfitters at 17 Years Old?

Yes, you can work at American Eagle Outfitters at 17.

At 17, you’re in the same boat as 16-year-olds when it comes to child labor laws. So, those rules apply to you as well.

You’ll be eligible for entry-level jobs, but you’ll still have some shift restrictions and might need a work permit.

Some American Eagle Outfitters locations might lean toward hiring 18-year-olds simply because they’re not bound by the same labor laws as minors.

Do American Eagle Outfitters Jobs Have Different Age Requirements?

Yes, American Eagle Outfitters does have varying age requirements for different roles.

Roles like Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Regional Manager, and District Manager have a higher minimum age requirement, usually because they come with more responsibilities and are considered management or corporate positions.

Quick reference table coming right up:

American Eagle Outfitters JobsMinimum AgeAverage Pay
Sales Associate16 years+$13-$17
Stock Associate16 years+$13-$16
Visual Merchandiser16 years+$14-$20
Assistant Manager18 years+$15-$21
Store Manager18 years+$22-$31
Regional Manager18 years+$19-$30
District Manager18 years+$35-$57

Disclaimer: The average pay for American Eagle Outfitters jobs is sourced from reliable industry sources such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale.

What Do American Eagle Outfitters Teen Jobs Involve?

Sales Associate. Generate sales through great customer service, run the cash register, keep the store looking neat, help with stock management, and highlight ongoing sales and promotions.

Stock Associate. Stick to stockroom procedures, move and place items, set up visual props and marketing material, and help manage inventory.

Visual Merchandiser. Design visual displays, handle in-store merchandising, assist with inventory control, and help maintain store security.

Assistant Manager. Help with day-to-day store activities, oversee sales associates and key holders, assist in inventory management, maintain store security, and boost sales and promotions.

Store Manager. Manage the entire store’s workings, supervise sales associates, key holders, and assistant managers, handle inventory, make sure the store is secure, and boost sales and promotions.

Regional Manager. Manage multiple stores, oversee individual store managers, make sure store activities go off without a hitch, handle inventory tasks, and boost sales and promotions.

District Manager. Supervise several regions, manage the regional managers, ensure smooth operations across stores, oversee inventory, and promote sales and promotions.

Do Some States Have Different Age Requirements?

No difference.

Across the US, there are 738 American Eagle Outfitters stores spread out over multiple states. Regardless of location, the minimum age for entry-level jobs at these stores is consistently 16 years old.

Despite the uniform age requirement, some store managers might set the bar higher based on their own preferences or needs.

  • What Age Does American Eagle Outfitters Hire in Florida? The minimum age requirement in Florida is 16 years old.
  • What Age Does American Eagle Outfitters Hire in Texas? In Texas, you’ll also need to be at least 16 to work here.
  • What Age Does American Eagle Outfitters Hire in California? Just like the other states, California also has a 16-year-old age minimum.

Summary: At What Age Does American Eagle Outfitters Hire?

If you’re 16 or older, you’re in the clear to apply for jobs like Sales Associate, Stock Associate, and Visual Merchandiser at American Eagle Outfitters.

Some roles, including Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and Regional Manager, are reserved for those 18 and up.

For a deeper look at job opportunities, check out American Eagle Outfitters’ careers page.

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