Can You Apply for the Same Job Twice? (Even If You Were Interviewed)

Yes, you can apply for the same job twice.

In fact, attempting to secure a job after previously being rejected for the same role can sometimes work in your favor (more on that later).

This article will discuss why you might apply for the same job twice, how long you should wait before applying again, and how to tailor your second application for the best possible chance of success.

Why Apply for the Same Job Twice?

There are a number of good reasons to apply for the same job again, such as:

  • You leveled up your skills. Gaining a new skill or further developing an existing skill can often shift the tide in your favor, especially if the job you’re applying for depends on it.
  • You got new credentials. Just like skills, new qualifications or achievements may bolster your application just that little bit extra for the second go around, potentially getting you passed any prior filters.
  • You made connections. The expression “it’s not what you know but who you know” certainly holds some truth, so simply making a new friend in the right place can be enough to snag you the job.
  • Your circumstances changed. Whether you moved to a more suitable location or freed up more time on your schedule, any number of personal changes can put you in a stronger position for employment.
  • You fixed a mistake. If you made a crucial error on your application or resume, it’s not unlikely you were filtered out of the hiring process based on this alone. This is your chance to make amends.

But does that mean something has to have changed on your end before you consider applying to the same job again?

Well, not exactly.

What If Nothing Changed Since You Last Applied?

Do it anyway. Seriously.

Sometimes, despite having the same skills or qualifications as before, simply throwing your name back in the hat can produce a different result, assuming enough time has passed since your last application.

Here’s why…

If a job listing stays active for several weeks or months, it’s likely the company hasn’t been successful in hiring a suitable candidate. This is increasingly likely if they repost or significantly edit the listing later on.

That’s important because it means they’re almost certainly going to change their approach the second time around.

It’s also possible the person they hired backed out at the last second or quit soon after starting the job, and who’s to say you wouldn’t have been chosen otherwise?

Yes, a lot of this comes down to timing and a bit of luck, but there’s no way to know if you’ll be considered again unless you try.

How Long Should You Wait Before Applying Again?

According to Brazen, roughly 43% of job vacancies are filled within the first 30 days of the position being advertised, while the remaining 57% of jobs are likely to remain vacant for at least three months.

In other words, if a position is still being advertised after 30 days, either:

  1. They forgot to take the listing down
  2. They probably aren’t going to fill it anytime soon (and they know it)

Obviously, you’re banking on #2.

In short, if the listing is still live after 30 days, apply again.

Note: If you haven’t heard back within 30 days, be sure to follow up with the employer to keep your name fresh in their mind. There’s always a chance they haven’t made a decision yet, and your follow-up could be the deciding factor.

What If You Already Interviewed for the Position?

In most cases, you can still reapply for the same job even if you attended and failed an interview for that position.

After all, you may have grown as a candidate since they last saw you.

The only differentiating factor here is how your interview went, and what reason you were given for not being chosen.

For example, if you were unable to build any rapport with the interviewer, or if you said something that was poorly received during your interview, it’s unlikely you’ll be given a second chance.

With that being said, there’s no reason not to try again if you felt the first interview went reasonably well. Besides, if you made it that far with your first application, you’ll know what to expect the second time around and be able to better prepare for it.

Can You Apply for Different Positions at the Same Company?

Yes. And you should.

If a company is advertising multiple positions and you have the relevant skills or qualifications to fill those positions, it doesn’t hurt to throw a wider net.

And yes, that applies even if you previously went in for one or more of those listings.

Companies know what type of person they’re looking for when it comes to filling vacancies, so while you might believe your credentials are better suited to one specific role, they just might see a better fit elsewhere in their organization.

The problem? Unfortunately, most employers won’t cross-reference your resume for other openings in the company, so you have to be willing to make yourself known at every opportunity.

Why Applying for the Same Job Can Work In Your Favor

While reapplying can sometimes feel like you’re coming off as annoying or desperate, it can actually have the opposite impact on the receiving end.

This is because it demonstrates a few important traits in your personality that are highly valued in the workplace. A good recruiter or hiring manager will be able to recognize these traits instead of finding frustration in your repeated attempt.

These include traits like persistence, determination, resilience, and adaptability.

”Continuing to pursue a desired result despite facing obstacles.”

“Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.”

“The willingness to change in order to suit different conditions.”

How to Apply for the Same Job Again (Important Steps)

If you’ve decided to apply for the same job twice, there are a few things you should look at doing beforehand.

1. Read the Job Description Again

When a job listing has been edited or reposted, there’s almost certainly going to be a notable change within the text of the listing.

This change can provide insight as to why the company was unable to find a suitable candidate the first time around, and you can use this information to help your application really stand out this time.

For example, they might emphasize a specific detail about the job such as developing a role-critical skill, willingness to progress within the company, or simply having more flexible availability.

You can also use this information to satisfy any lingering doubts during the interview process, should you make it that far.

2. Make Some Changes to Your Application or Resume

Even if you weren’t able to gain any new insight from the job listing itself, making some changes to your application, resume, or cover letter is always a good idea when applying to the same position at the same company.

Applying with the exact same information in the exact same way can make you look lazy from an employer’s perspective, and the odds of them noticing your lack of effort is higher than you think.

In fact, many hiring managers and recruiters now use applicant tracking software with built-in detection for duplicate resumes, and you better believe this feature is being used as a way to filter down their list of prospects.

All that aside, if your application failed to make the cut the first time, making a change can only improve your chances of getting through the second time around.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

3. Consider Applying from a Different Platform

There are two good reasons to apply using a different platform or job site than the one you used for your first application.

For one, depending on how the employer manages applications, sending your resume through an entirely different system (such as LinkedIn) may help you avoid duplicate detection. This alone could prevent you from being filtered out without a second look.

The second benefit is your application is going to be graded and sorted using a slightly different algorithm, which may end up being more favorable to you. This can give you a significant bump in visibility regardless of any changes made.

Pro tip: Copy a sentence from the job listing and Google it. This will show you any other websites or platforms the job listing was posted on.

Third Time Lucky?

If you don’t hear back after the second attempt, it’s probably time to move on.

By this time, it’s more than likely the recruiter or hiring manager has considered and rejected your application more than once, and further attempts will only serve to frustrate them.

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