15 Wayfair Interview Questions (Full Example Answers)

You’re looking for Wayfair interview questions, right?

This article will cover everything you need to know before attending your Wayfair interview, along with a list of the most likely interview questions and sample answers to help you build your own.

Let’s get right to it.

Wayfair Interview Tips: How to Prepare for the Interview

Before stepping foot in the interview room, you should know the company background, what to wear, and what to expect throughout the Wayfair hiring process.

(If you don’t want these general Wayfair job interview tips, just skip to the questions.)

What to Research (Wayfair Facts)

This will help you navigate some of the common research-based questions. We’ve put together a few good starting points but you should go the extra mile with your own research to make sure it’s fully up to date.

  • Wayfair was founded by Niraj Shah and Steve Conine
  • Wayfair was founded in 2002
  • In 2011 they changed the company name from CSN Stores to Wayfair
  • The company has expanded to Canada, the UK, and Germany
  • They pay employees a minimum of $15 per hour
  • Wayfair operates entirely online

Sources:  Wayfair ‘About us’, Wayfair ‘Company news’

What to Wear (Wayfair Dress Code)

One of the easiest “interview hacks” you’ll ever learn is to dress as if you’re already working at the company you’re interviewing at. In this case, since Wayfair operates entirely online, Wayfair’s staff dress code can be a little harder to pin down.

Here’s what we suggest:

For an entry-level role such as a warehouse team lead or a delivery associate, shoot for business casual. Wear dress slacks and a button-up shirt, polo, or blouse. Be sure to have your hair tied back and your face clean-shaven.

For a supervisory or managerial role such as a manager of content enrichment or a manager in employee relations, dress business formal. Wear a business suit or a dress shirt with dark-colored sacks.

Sources: Wayfair ‘Careers’, Indeed ‘Interviews’

What to Expect (Wayfair Hiring Process)

Before the interview, the manager will call for a phone screening. If you pass the phone screening, they’ll schedule an in-person interview.

If the interview goes well, Wayfair will run a background check. Once your background check has cleared, you will be added to the shifts.

If you work for Wayfair on-site, there is paid training. If you work remotely, the training is made up of videos, and this will be unpaid time.

Sources: Indeed ‘Q&A’, Indeed ‘Training’

Wayfair Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the specific questions to watch out for when attending an interview at Wayfair:

1. Why Do You Want to Work at Wayfair?

They want to know why you’re interested in working at the company and whether you’d be a good fit.

Sample answer:

“I love that Wayfair is such an innovative global company, always looking to improve, and also build a world that’s more fair and inclusive.

Wayfair actively fosters and promotes diversity through programs and seeks to close the gap for underrepresented groups, which is what really draws me to the company.

Overall, I want to be a part of a company that will push me to do better and create a positive and inclusive work environment.”

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2. What Can You Tell Us About Wayfair?

The hiring manager wants to know if you researched the company and how committed you are to applying. 

Sample answer:

“I’ve read that Wayfair donated $12 million in 2020 to social impact initiatives. They also pay all U.S. employees a minimum of $15 per hour.

I believe that those that can help should uplift those in need, which Wayfair does. I also like how the company seems to genuinely care about employees, both financially and socially.

Could you tell me more about the social initiatives Wayfair is passionate about?”

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3. What Makes You Qualified for this Position?

The interviewer wants to know whether your past work experience will be relevant to the job, and how confident you are in leveraging those qualifications.

Sample answer:

“This position needs someone with impeccable communication skills to work with customers.

In my two years of customer service experience, I learned how to communicate with customers and ensure their needs were met. I also had a leadership role that taught me how to effectively engage with my co-workers.

I’m very much a people person by nature, so listening and talking with people comes naturally to me, whether I know them personally or not.”

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4. How Well Do You Adapt to Change?

The interviewer wants to know how flexible you can be when needed, and also whether you can recognize when change is necessary.

Sample answer:

“I enjoy new challenges so I often find myself taking them head-on.

In my last job, employees had no clear communication line with upper management, which meant information would get lost along the way. Once we brought up the issue, our boss promoted an employee to assistant manager.

Although I had to learn to report to a new boss, information was clearly shared, and the workday ran much smoother.”

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5. If You Could Be Any Animal, What Would It Be?

The person interviewing wants to know, indirectly, what qualities you feel you possess and whether they’d be beneficial during the job.

Sample answer:

“I’d be a dolphin because they have amazing communication skills.

I’m an extrovert and very good at starting conversations. I also enjoy talking out problems and giving advice to friends and family.

As much as this is a strength of mine, I feel like there’s always room for improvement. I think if I could improve my listening skills, I’d be even better at communication.”

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10 Other Questions to Expect

While those are very likely questions to expect in your Wayfair job interview, there are a number of other questions that can pop up when applying at any e-commerce company.

Here is a list of other important questions to prepare for:

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. Can you describe your work ethic?
  3. Describe a challenge you overcame?
  4. What does diversity mean to you?
  5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  6. What hours would you prefer to work?
  7. How would you handle an angry customer?
  8. Are you looking to move up in the company?
  9. Do you work well in a team?
  10. Do you enjoy working in customer service? 

Don’t Stop Applying!

Spending time learning these Wayfair job interview questions will certainly put you ahead of the competition, but preparation is only part of the equation.

The good news? If you’re interested in working at Wayfair, there are plenty of other companies with regular job offers being posted, including places like Dollar Tree, Marshalls, and Costco.

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