Upwork Rate Calculator (Using Real Upwork Data)


How To Use This Calculator

This ‘Upwork Calculator’ can be used to get a baseline figure of how you should price yourself on Upwork, relative to other freelancers in your skill category and skill level.

To get a suggested hourly rate, just enter in your skill category, skill level, and any buffer amount you wish to add. (Recommend buffer is 10%)

If you would also like to calculate a suggested quote for a fixed-price project on Upwork, you can enter a number of estimated hours for that project.

How It Works (Data Source)

This calculator is based on real data that has been researched and compiled by looking at Upwork’s freelancer marketplace, as well as public data regarding the average cost of freelancers working on the platform.

Each skill category is made up of three levels — beginner, intermediate, and professional — with each having an assigned $ value. After accounting for any padding, the calculator will spit out a rounded figure in correlation to the data we have on file.

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