17 Starbucks Interview Questions (Full Example Answers)

Looking for a list of Starbucks interview questions?

In this article, we’ll prepare you for your Starbucks interview, go over the most common interview questions to expect, and provide some complete example answers that will impress any interviewer.

Starbucks Interview Tips: How to Prepare for the Interview

Before heading into the interview room, it’s worth taking some time to learn about the company, figure out what to wear, and read about what to expect during the hiring process. That’s what we’ll be covering in this section

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What to Research (Starbucks Facts)

Learning some facts about Starbucks will help you pass some of the earlier interview questions that look to test your research and memory skills.

We’ve started you off with a list of important facts and statistics about the company, but feel free to seek out your own:

  • The first Starbucks opened in 1971 in Seattle
  • Starbucks was founded by Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl, and Jerry Baldwin
  • Starbucks was inspired by coffeehouses in Italy
  • They have 33,833 locations across 84 countries
  • Starbucks has 383,000 employees
  • They offer 100% tuition cover through Arizona State University online

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What to Wear (Starbucks Dress Code)

If you’re ever unsure how to dress for a job interview, try to replicate the staff uniform for the position you’re applying for. It doesn’t have to be an exact copy, but do take inspiration from the style and color.

For an entry-level role at Starbucks, such as a barista or shift supervisor, you should dress smart casual. Wear black trousers and a professional-looking black shirt or blouse. Do not wear any clothes with large logos or graphics.

For a supervisory or managerial role such as retail operations manager or district manager, wear dark color trousers or slacks along with a dress shirt or smart blouse. A blazer is a nice addition but it’s not required.

Sources: Starbucks ‘Careers’, Starbucks ‘Lookbook’, Indeed ‘What to Wear’ 

What to Expect (Starbucks Hiring Process)

Starbucks prefers if you apply online so your application is logged in their system. They will then invite you to an interview if you pass the initial screening.

For the interview, you’ll meet face-to-face with the store manager and likely be asked questions about your availability and adaptability. It’s also not uncommon to be asked about previous work experience.

The interview generally lasts 20 minutes. If the interview is successful the manager may even hire you on the spot. Once hired, employees are quickly added to the schedule.

Sources: Starbucks ‘Careers’, Glassdoor ‘Interview Questions’

Starbucks Interview Questions and Answers

Now let’s get into the actual questions you’re likely to face when applying for a job at Starbucks, and how to answer them effectively.

Here we go:

1. Why Do You Want to Work at Starbucks?

The hiring manager wants to know your intentions when joining the company and whether it’s in their best interests to hire you.

Sample answer:

“Starbucks is a leading global brand that offers many benefits for employees. These benefits could be helpful for my career growth and potentially move up within the company.

I don’t have a degree, but I’m very driven to further my education. The Starbucks College Achievement Plan would mean I could study for my degree online while working at Starbucks.

Ultimately, I’d like to work my way up to a management role like a human resources manager. I’ve read that there are a lot of Arizona State University online degrees that focus on HR.”

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2. What Can You Tell Us About Starbucks?

The interviewer wants to know if you’ve done your research about the company and whether you’re committed to joining the company.

Sample answer:

“I know Starbucks offers 100% tuition cover through Arizona State University online. I also read about the benefits senior employees receive, like having access to great health insurance plans and daycare.

I like that the company provides opportunities for employees to progress within the company through benefits and programs like the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

Can you tell me how the College Achievement Plan works, and whether are there other employees at your branch that are working through the College Achievement Plan?”

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3. What Skills Would You Like to Improve?

The interviewer wants to know if you’re able to review your work and self-evaluate, but also if your development goals align with the job.

Sample answer:

“I’d like to improve my leadership abilities, particularly when working with larger groups of people. 

I’m looking to transition into a managerial role as my career moves forward. It’s an important skill to have if you want to lead a productive team in a positive work environment.

I’ve been proactive in taking action and volunteering to organize outside-of-work activities. I think this has helped me learn how to organize and communicate with co-workers in a leadership role.”

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4. Can You Give an Example of Great Customer Service?

They want to know whether you understand the importance of customer service and whether you’d be a good representative for the company.

Sample answer:

“In my previous job, I was serving a customer who wanted to order something we ran out of, and she became frustrated with us.

I apologized for not having the menu item she wanted. I suggested a few of our most popular items that were similar to her regular order. Fortunately, she decided to give one a try.

Being understanding and having strong product knowledge allowed me to turn the situation around. Interestingly, the customer liked my suggestion so much she actually returned to order it again.”

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5. Can You Describe Your Cash Handling Experience?

The interviewer wants to see how trustworthy you are, and whether you’ve handled cash at a job before.

Sample answer:

“I had cash register duties at my last job, which I worked for 3 years. I was also responsible for closing the registers during shift change. 

I know the importance of handling cash correctly. Not only could the company take losses, but the customer could be overcharged. Neither of those outcomes is acceptable.

Integrity and honesty are everything in a customer-driven role, even more so when you’re in charge of the cash register.”

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12 Other Questions to Prepare For

There are dozens of potential questions you can be asked in a fast-food job interview, so it’s important to study a broad range of question types.

Below are a few others to watch out for:

  1. How would you describe your personality?
  2. What does quality mean to you?
  3. What Is your greatest strength?
  4. What are your career goals?
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. What would you say to an impatient customer?
  7. What hours can you work?
  8. How do you feel about standing for a long time?
  9. What is your favorite Starbucks drink?
  10.  How would you describe your teamwork skills?
  11.  Can you work in a fast-paced environment? 
  12.  Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

Don’t Stop Applying for Jobs

You can study these Starbucks job interview questions to get a leg up on your competition, but don’t stop at this one opportunity.

If you’re interested in working for Starbucks, you can almost certainly find desirable positions at other fast-food chains, be it somewhere like Zaxby’s, Chipotle, or even Dunkin’ Donuts.

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