15 Marshalls Interview Questions (Full Example Answers)

Are you looking for a list of Marshalls interview questions?

We’ve put together a collection of the most likely questions you’ll be asked during your interview, topped off with comprehensive example answers to show you how best to respond to each one.

Marshalls Interview Tips: How to Prepare for the Interview

Before we get into the questions, it’s worth going over some Marshalls interview tips to prepare you for what’s to come.

If you’d prefer, you can also go straight to the questions.

What to Research (Marshalls Facts)

Some of the questions during the early stages of your interview are sure to test your research and preparation skills, which is why learning a few facts about Marshalls history is crucial.

The information below should cover the basics:

  • Marshalls was founded in 1956
  • They have stores in the US and Canada
  • They have a total of 1230 stores
  • Marshalls parent company is TJX Companies 
  • Their headquarters are in Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Marshalls has partnered with many charities including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Sources: Marshalls Wikipedia page

What to Wear (Marshalls Dress Code)

The best approach when it comes to proper interview attire is to get as close to Marshalls staff dress code as possible. This will help the interviewer visualize you as part of the team before you’ve even got the job.

Let’s get specific.

For an entry-level role such as a retail associate or a retail cashier, dress business casual. Wear a button-down shirt or blouse and slacks or dark jeans. Make sure your hair is tied back and all facial piercings removed. 

For a supervisory or managerial role such as customer experience coordinator or a distributor center supervisor, dress in business smart attire and stick to darker colors. Wear a long-sleeved shirt or blouse and slacks. 

Sources: Indeed ‘Marshalls Jobs’ 

What to Expect (Marshalls Hiring Process)

The interview process for Marshalls follows a three-step process. Firstly you’ll need to send in an application form. 

Once your application is received, the hiring manager will call you for a phone interview. If this goes successfully, they’ll schedule an in-person interview.

If the in-person interview goes well, you’ll be hired and attend an orientation the next day.

Sources: Indeed ‘Marshalls Q&A’

Marshalls Interview Questions and Answers

When applying for a job at Marshalls, you need to be ready to answer all of the following questions:

1. Why Do You Want to Work at Marshalls?

The company wants to know why you applied for this position and whether it aligns with your career path.

Sample answer:

“I like that Marshalls participates in charitable work and encourages employees to be a part of their charitable programs. 

I think it’s important to foster a giving spirit in the workplace, and that’s why I feel I’d thrive at Marshalls. I’d love the opportunity to develop my career within a company that gives to those less fortunate. 

I’m hoping my career path will grow within a company that shares my same values, and I believe Marshalls does.”

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2. What Can You Tell Us About Marshalls?

The interviewer wants to know how much effort you’ve put into preparing for the interview and how driven you are as a worker. 

Sample answer:

“I read Marshalls supports and donates to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the National Diabetes Research Foundation. 

I feel connected to a company that gives back to its community. I especially think it’s important to help children in need. I’d love to be a part of a company with such strong morals.

Can employees take part in charity events and fundraising activities?”

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3. How Would You Handle Confidential Information?

The person interviewing is trying to gauge how discrete you are with sensitive information and how trustworthy you are overall.

Sample answer:

“Confidential information should be respected and not shared with anyone. However, I realize that sometimes sensitive information may need to be handed over to the right person. 

For example, in my last job, I was copied in on an email by mistake. The email had sensitive information about another co-worker. It was very personal and shouldn’t have been shared.

Although difficult, I brought it up to my manager. He immediately saw the problem and took action to reprimand those in the wrong and resolve the issue. The manager made sure employees’ personal information files were more secure.”

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4. Who Inspires You?

The interviewer is trying to figure out your long-term ambitions and what personality traits you value.

Sample answer:

“My inspirational figure is Nelson Mandela.

He has dedicated his life to fighting for justice and persevered through some of the toughest conditions. He spent decades in jail and, when released, became president. 

His perseverance is inspirational because it highlights one important thing; if you keep striving for something better and keep working hard, you can always achieve your goals.”

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5. How Would You Describe a “Quality” Product?

They want to know if you know what makes a quality product and whether you know how to meet and maintain high standards. 

Sample answer:

“To me, a quality product satisfies a customer’s needs. It’s reliable and durable every time, and I think consistency is key to ensuring this. 

Quality consistency is important because it leads to repeat purchases. Happy customers also refer the product to others, leading to new customers.

At my last job, the company changed to a cheaper manufacturer. Customers would often receive missing items, which led to losing long-term customers. This showed me how important it is to always maintain a high standard.”

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10 Other Questions to Expect

Once you’ve mastered the above questions and answers, take some extra time to prepare for the following:

  1. Can you describe your work ethic?
  2. How do you handle stress?
  3. What did you like least about your job?
  4. What makes you unique?
  5. Describe a challenge you overcame?
  6. How would you deal with a difficult customer?
  7. How do you like to be managed?
  8. What hours can you work?
  9. Why did you leave your last job?
  10. What do you know about our industry?

Don’t Stop Applying

This list of Marshalls job interview questions will give you a huge advantage over other candidates, but it won’t guarantee you the job.

Until you’ve actually secured a position, always be proactive in submitting more job applications. If you’re looking to work at Marshalls, for instance, why not apply to other department store chains such as Kohls, Macy’s, or JCPenney?

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