9 LinkedIn Summary Examples for Job Seekers (About Section)

After clicking on your LinkedIn profile, the section most recruiters start with is your summary.

Your LinkedIn summary is how they get to know who you are before reading the rest of your profile.

This space allows for approximately 350 words, so let’s talk about how to utilize it for the most impact.

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary That Commands Attention

Many LinkedIn users see their summary as another version of their resume, but that’s not quite accurate.

As a job seeker, your summary has the same general goal as your resume (to sell yourself), but you’re allowed to do so with a far more personal touch. In other words, it allows you to portray yourself as a living, breathing person.

Here are 13 tips for a better LinkedIn summary:

  1. Emphasize your hard skills over soft skills.
  2. Show prospective employers how you add value.
  3. Include industry-specific keywords.
  4. Highlight your passion for your work.
  5. Include quantifiable stats or data.
  6. Make your summary as interesting as possible. 
  7. Include special characters and lists to help information to stand out.
  8. Include appropriate attachments such as your resume or portfolio.
  9. Add personal details to show some personality.
  10. Use formatting to improve spacing and readability.
  11. Include your achievements and successes. 
  12. Include relevant facts about your past.
  13. End with a call to action.

Let’s look at some examples of how to implement the tips above into an effective, well-rounded summary:

1. The Best LinkedIn Summary Examples for Job Seekers (General)

These are some of the best LinkedIn summary examples for job seekers, both employed and unemployed.

Example #1: The Personal Summary

“I’ve always loved to read, and that soon progressed into a love of writing. I began writing stories in Junior High, and in High School, I joined the school newspaper.

I wrote for the Washington Square News while studying at NYU, and that experience prepared me for my internship at the New York Herald.

After graduation, I joined The New York Herald as a writing assistant, and after working my way up through the ranks, I’m now a senior Journalist on the news team. My work has been featured in several international publications.

Outside of work, I’m a mentor at The New York State Mentoring Program where I mentor students who are at risk for dropping out of school. I find this role gives me enormous perspective and keeps me motivated to set and achieve my personal goals.”

My skills include:

– Investigative Journalist
– Writing
– Content Creation
– Proofreading

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please connect with me here on LinkedIn or email me at abc@defg.com.

Example #2: The Direct Summary

Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile! 

Your brand and story are my ultimate priority. My focus is on isolating what that brand is and translating it into content that catches the eye of consumers. 

I’m a marketer with 5 years of experience (both in-house and freelancing) in advertising digital media.

I stay up to date on current trends and I’m eager to join a creatively cohesive team that works together to make marketing magic!

My skills include:

– Branding strategy
– Social Media Management
– SEO Content
– Consumer Behavior
– Brand Awareness

I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn or email me at abc@def.com

Why Do These Work?

These summaries are perfect for both job seekers and networkers as they include hard skills and calls to action.

The first example brings in a touch of personality by including the passion for writing from an early age and allows for recruiters to connect with the candidate on a human level. 

The second summary is a great example of an unemployed job seeker communicating they’re open to work without saying “Hey! I’m unemployed!”. It’s a subtle suggestion with a focus on their skills and experience.

2. The Best LinkedIn Summary Examples for Students Seeking Work

These are some of the best LinkedIn summary examples for students:

Example #3: The Backstory Summary

“I’m an entertainment specialist pursuing a master’s degree in Arts and Culture and I’m seeking internship opportunities in directing.

I’ve got a solid background in dance, musical theatre, and theatre production and I plan to put these to good use in my future roles.

During my years of acting and performing, I became interested in the production and directing processes and I’ve explored them further since then. 

As a performer, my experiences at auditions, rehearsals, and productions have prepared me to guide others through those same experiences, ensuring they’re prepared to perform to the best of their ability.  

I’m enthusiastic and driven and combined with my organizational skills and creative imagination, I’d be the perfect fit for your directorial team. 

While working on a variety of entertainment projects I’ve accumulated A deep understanding of the entertainment industry. 

– The ability to thrive within this environment.
– The capacity to solve problems in an irregular atmosphere.
– A range of skills, including engaging with talent, thinking on my feet, and supporting creative projects. 

Throughout this year, I’ve focused on developing my proficiency within my master’s degree and my chosen field.

I’m prepared to bring the same energy, dedication, creativity, and motivation to an internship role.”

Example #4: The All-Inclusive Summary

“I’m currently a third-year finance major at the University of Chicago, and I hope to attend the University of Chicago Booth School of Business next year. 

After interning at the AA Group for the past Summer, I’ve shifted my educational spotlight to financial analysis and financial modeling. 

Throughout my education, I’ve taken on several leadership roles, and feel comfortable in that sphere. 

I excel when working in cooperative groups to solve economic problems and I’ve also learned how to apply critical thinking and problem-solving strategies. 

I’m originally from Long Grove, Illinois. I’ve always loved visiting Chicago, so to be based here is a dream come true for me. 

I spend my downtime exploring the area, and my favorite past-time is visiting the amazing museums this city has to offer. My favorites are the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

My five-year plan includes becoming a financial advisor in the Chicago Loop, and I feel as if my education at the University of Chicago has prepared me for a long career in helping people manage their financial portfolios successfully.”

Why Do These Work?

As a student, your biggest selling point is your education and the samples above communicate the qualifications themselves, as well as critical life lessons that each student learned while studying. 

Another selling point these summaries share is both offer information about the students’ pasts and their future goals. 

Including internships sets these individuals apart from students who simply include academic education. They aren’t just studying, they are spending their holidays preparing for their future careers.

3. The Best LinkedIn Summary Examples for Recent Graduates (Entry-Level)

These are some of the best LinkedIn summary examples for recent graduates and entry-level job seekers:

Example #5: The Skills Summary

“I’m an ambitious multi-disciplinary graphic designer who loves creating and designing brand solutions for different industries, different people, and different teams.

My academic focus has been on Communication Design and I’m passionate about bringing brand designs to life. I exhibit an entrepreneurial mentality and I’m able to adapt to ever-changing. environments. 

In my graduate studies, I filled several leadership roles including leading the Arts fundraising committee and Lead Designer in the University’s magazine. 

I’m curious, driven, and always looking to improve my abilities.

I interned for a year at House Industries and during my time there I learned how to participate in world-class design teams. 

I’m proficient in:

🏆 InDesign
✔ Photoshop
💥 UI Design
👌 Web Design
👏 Illustrator

I’m interested in full-time Graphic Design roles and consultant positions.”

Example #6: The Interests Summary

“I’m a 2019 graduate of Brown University and I went on to a Masters in Public Affairs postgraduate degree (MPA). I focused my academic coursework primarily on Policy And Governance.

I’m interested in the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policies and governing structures, as well as security issues in both local and global contexts. 

I also have a growing interest in exploring areas of human development. 

While studying at Brown I joined the American Civil Liberties Union and learned important skills such as how to be a protagonist, rather than a spectator and how to listen to both sides of a story before reacting. 

In my summer holidays, I volunteered at the Greater Boston Foodbank (GBFB).

I’m able to develop, implement and direct internal and external communications and media relations. I’m also capable of developing press releases, position papers, marketing materials, and editorial boards. 

I look forward to acquiring a job in the Public Affairs community.

If you’re involved with a motivated, creative and cohesive team, I’d love to connect with you.”

Why Do These Work?

Both summaries include the academic achievements of the candidates and their extra-curricular activities, presenting the individuals as capable and contributing members of society.

Of equal importance is the inclusion of both soft and hard skills. This shows recruiters and potential employers exactly why they deserve the job.

The first summary includes the use of special characters which highlights the listed skills.

4. The Best LinkedIn Summary Examples for Experienced Job Seekers

These are some of the best LinkedIn summary examples for experienced job seekers:

Example #7: The Value Summary

“So many companies spend more money and time on developing and advertising products than they do on their staff. I’m the person who makes up for that.

I help employees reach their full potential through either on-the-job skills training or the improvement of their work-life experience. A happy employee is a productive employee, and a productive employee makes you money.

I’ve spent the last 5 years coordinating employee diversity and engagement activities and initiating inclusion training aimed at improving strategic objectives.

I assist in defining clear team and leadership roles and responsibilities and then implementing them smoothly. I focus on employee satisfaction and consequently increase the in-company life cycle of staff members.

My specialties include:

– HT Compliance
– Succession Planning and Talent Management
– Learning and Development
– Recruitment
– Change Management
– Business Coaching
– Communications

My job title says ‘HR Executive’ but I’m much more than that. I’m the glue that holds your staff together. I’m the person who sources your new team members and I’m the one who motivates the current staff.

I’m skilled at building new relationships and I’m known for my ability to mediate disagreements. I thrive on helping others.

Connect with me to talk about all things team-related 😀.”

Example #8: The Specialist Summary

“Specializing in residential and commercial real estate, I’ve spent the last 11 years gaining experience in project management and tenant and landlord representation.

I’ve got a strong aptitude for turning simple networking into closed deals, and I offer tangible results and outcomes in line with client expectations. 

My recent wins include bringing a $60 million estate project to fruition, and winning the award for “Top Selling Agent” in New York for the last two years.

My drive to succeed and set goals helps me consistently meet and surpass sales targets.

My skills include:

– Financing 
– Budgeting Assistance
– Consulting
– Strategic Planning
– Market Research
– Real Estate Project Management
– Construction

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and hitting the hiking trails with my dogs. I’m an avid reader and I have a penchant for Nordic Noir books.

I’d love to connect with you and chat about all things real estate. Connect with me here on LinkedIn or email me at abc@def.com.”

Why Do These Work?

Both summaries strongly emphasize the experience of the candidates, setting them apart from newly qualified or first-time job seekers.

They include lists of specific achievements which communicate their success without appearing arrogant.

In addition, the industry-specific phrases and keywords grab the attention of recruiters, while the personal information gives insight into their characters.

Both are excellent examples of thoughtful, well-written, and clear summaries.

5. The Best LinkedIn Summary Example for Career Changers

Finally, here’s our best LinkedIn summary example for career changers:

Example #9: The Transition Summary

“I’ve been working in Project Management for 8 years now, and it’s how I developed my love for all things Sales. I am currently transitioning into Sales by taking a part-time Post Grad course in International Sales and Marketing Management.

While I’ve been successful in my role as Project Coordinator, I find the most rewarding aspects of my work to be in sales and marketing-related areas.

I have a solid foundation in Business Administration and Communication which are invaluable skills, and I plan to implement them in my future positions.

I apply the same thinking in Sales that I apply in Project Management because whether you’re connecting with suppliers or communicating with consumers, you need to plan, develop and coordinate relationships.”

Why Does This Work?

If you’re changing careers, your summary should communicate how versatile and transferable your current skill set is. This LinkedIn summary example does that.

By doing so, your experience becomes something you carry with you, instead of something you discard.

You also want to communicate that you’re making the move despite seeing success in your current career, not because you flunked out.

LinkedIn Summary Mistakes To Avoid

Your summary is an opportunity to wow your future boss, but these mistakes can take you out of the running.

Mistake #1. Talking About Being Unemployed

Job hunting is stressful, particularly if you’re struggling financially. But the moment you let stress permeate your summary, you start to advertise your desperation and not your skills.

Besides, being unemployed is rarely a good selling point. While there’s no shame in being in between jobs, there’s little benefit to making it the focal point of your LinkedIn summary.

Mistake #2. Not Filling Out Your Summary

One line or paragraph doesn’t make a summary. Writing a clear and concise summary can impress recruiters, but failing to make an effort is telling. 

If you aren’t prepared to communicate who you are and what you’re capable of, why should potential employers be interested in making an effort?

Mistake #3. Too Much Keyword Stuffing 

Using keywords is important, but filling up your summary with non-specific buzzwords is a mistake. 

A recruiter who knows your industry will see through the fluff. And the only reason you’d do that is if you don’t have success to list or value to describe.

That’s a Wrap!

If you follow the tips above you’ll have an optimized LinkedIn summary that grabs the attention of your readers and builds positive connections.

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