13 Best Jobs for Young Adults & Teenagers (High Paying)

Looking for jobs for young adults that pay well?

We’ve compiled a list of high-paying jobs for those joining the workforce. Whether in high school or finishing college, these jobs will be perfect for gaining experience while earning some cash.

What Makes a Good Job for Young Adults?

Note: Our scores below are based on how many of the following job characteristics apply to each job.

We looked for jobs for young people that:

  1. Don’t require a university degree
  2. Don’t require previous work experience
  3. Offer part-time or seasonal work
  4. Offer flexible working hours
  5. Have the potential for career development
  6. Have little to no commute 

Best Jobs for Young Adults & Teens

1. Dog Walker

  • Per hour: $15
  • Our score: 4/6

Dog walkers walk their client’s dogs at a scheduled time.

Your primary duty will be taking care of the dogs while walking them, ensuring they get enough exercise. You’ll often be asked to socialize your client’s dog at a dog park and provide food and water when they return home.

No education or experience is required, but good fitness is ideal for walking around the neighborhood, as well as organizational and leadership skills for dealing with multiple dogs simultaneously. A calm demeanor is also ideal around nervous dogs.

2. Youth Sports Referee

  • Per hour: $16
  • Our score: 5/6

A youth sports referee supervises games at schools and youth leagues.

As a youth sports referee, you’ll be ensuring the rules are adhered to, keeping track of the game time, giving out penalties, and awarding points. In some cases, you may have to explain rules to first-time players and cultivate sportsmanship whenever it’s lacking.

You’ll need to be certified with a referee’s course. In terms of skills, strong multitasking and decisiveness are essential to make quick decisions under pressure, as are good eyesight and a focus on fair judgment.

3. Tutor

  • Per hour: $22
  • Our score: 5/6

A tutor helps educate a student outside of regular teaching hours.

As a tutor, you’ll be helping individual students succeed academically by explaining complex terms and working on any particular areas they’re struggling with. You’ll also set assignments or homework and continuously review their progress.

There aren’t any licensing or certification requirements, but tutors often join voluntary programs to gain experience. Good communication and listening skills are also essential, as are excellent interpersonal skills to empathize with your student.

4. Restaurant Server

  • Per hour: $13
  • Our score: 4/6

A restaurant server, also known as a waiter, waitress, or food server, works at an establishment to provide patrons with their food.

You’ll be responsible for taking orders and delivering food to customers. Added tasks include communicating with the kitchen, explaining menus, refilling drinks, collecting payment, and clearing tables.

There are no specific educational requirements, but upscale establishments prefer applicants to have a high school diploma. You’ll need excellent communication and management skills to perform well in this role.

5. Freelance Web Designer

  • Per hour: $22
  • Our score: 5/6

A freelance web designer designs and builds websites tailored to their client’s needs.

As a freelance web designer, you’ll work to create (and potentially code) a website for your clients based on the brief they provide. Duties include building out templates, pairing fonts and colors, and maintaining the website long after building it.

Like many other online jobs, qualifications aren’t required, though taking courses to further your web design skill and stay current are advised. A good eye for design and attention to detail is also ideal.

6. Online ESL Teacher

  • Per hour: $23
  • Our score: 5/6

An online ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, also known as an EFL teacher, teaches students English through online schools and virtual classrooms.

The job will have you educating learners in writing, reading, and speaking English. Often duties include preparing lessons, grading tests, and writing reviews for parents to monitor their child’s growth.

A high school diploma is typically required, but the pay per hour increases significantly if you’re currently in university or recently graduated. An online TEFL or TESOL course will also help secure a job but isn’t a requirement.

7. Film/ TV Extra

  • Per hour: $23
  • Our score: 4/6

Often a seasonal job, film, and tv extras work on film sets and studios to fill the background of scenes.

Extra’s are expected to arrive to set on time and will usually provide their own wardrobe to be approved, so it’s crucial to bring options and ensure no brand names are shown. You’ll have to follow the assistant director’s instructions to a tee during filming. 

No prior education or experience is needed, but you’ll need to join a casting agency. Hours can be long, sometimes up to 12 at a time, so you’ll need tons of patience and stamina for this one.

8. App Tester

  • Per hour: $34
  • Our score: 5/6

An app tester uses and assesses new software applications.

Duties include testing every aspect of the app and reporting errors, bugs, or any other problems you find. You’ll also provide a review of the app’s useability, suggesting improvements that developers could make. 

No hard requirements on this one but you’ll need plenty of mental stamina as well as logical thinking skills to approach testing in a methodical way. It also helps to have good communication skills in order to relay the relevant information.

9. Freelance Writer

  • Per hour: $24
  • Our score: 5/6

A freelance writer creates written content for clients, whether it be used in digital or print.

You’ll be tasked with researching topics and writing content in the style and tone fitting of the target audience. After submitting articles for review, you may also need to edit and rewrite specific sections based on client feedback.

Freelance writers don’t specifically require a degree, but you will need a portfolio to showcase your writing ability. Responding well to constructive criticism is necessary to improve writing skills and build your client base, as is the ability to meet deadlines.

10. Babysitter

  • Per hour: $17
  • Our score: 4/6

A babysitter, also known as a nanny, cares for children while their parents or guardians are away.

Although duties can vary depending on the job, you’ll usually be preparing meals, helping with homework, and keeping kids entertained with games and activities. You may also be asked to get the kids ready for bed.

There’s no standard babysitting license, but you could take the Red Cross online babysitting course or first aid online or in-person course to up your credentials. Patience and an affinity for children go a long way in this role, as well as being able to stick to a strict schedule.

11. Virtual Assistant

  • Per hour: $17
  • Our score: 5/6

A virtual assistant is typically a remote worker who provides administrative services for their clients.

Typical daily duties include scheduling appointments, taking phone calls and messages, updating calendars, and data entry. As a virtual assistant, you could also be tasked with booking travel accommodations, updating social media, or providing customer service.

There are plenty of VA certificates available that’ll certify you as a virtual assistant. Being organized and tech-savvy is a plus, as is knowledge of workplace software like calendars, spreadsheets, and sharing platforms.

12. Campus Representative

  • Per Hour: $15
  • Our score: 5/6

Often shortened to campus rep, a campus representative generates excitement and interest for a brand. 

You’ll be preparing and distributing flyers to create awareness for a company’s product. Often organizing events to market the product is required and increasing brand awareness on social media platforms. 

Previous work experience isn’t required but you will need to be enrolled in the campus you’re a representative for. It also helps if you’re an extrovert who enjoys socializing with strangers.

13. Barista

  • Per hour: $13
  • Our score: 4/6

A barista is a coffee connoisseur who prepares and serves caffeinated beverages.   

Baristas are responsible for assuring drink orders are met and customers are satisfied. You’ll be taking orders, preparing drinks, and handing them out to customers. Extra duties include cleaning stations and restocking supplies.

There aren’t any education or experience requirements; instead, you’ll typically learn by shadowing an experienced barista. Relying on tips is standard to supplement the pay, so a friendly demeanor and good customer service skills are always beneficial.

There Are Careers for Young Adults!

From app testers to film extras, there’s a job for you to gain some high-paying experience in a wide range of industries.

Which one stands out to you? Let us know in the comments.

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