13 Best Jobs for Introverts (High Paying)

Looking for jobs for introverts that pay well?

Not an extrovert? No problem. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best high-paying jobs suited for introverts. If you thrive in quieter spaces and enjoy being alone, at least a few of these job ideas will take your fancy.

What Makes a Good Job for Introverts?

Note: Our scores below are based on how many of the following job characteristics apply to each job.

We looked for jobs that:

  1. Have little to no in-person interaction
  2. Offer remote working positions
  3. Offer quieter workspaces
  4. Are prone to autonomy  
  5. Offer flexible working hours
  6. Prioritize independent work rather than teamwork
  7. Offer the opportunity to complete one task/project at a time

Best Jobs for Introverts

1. Software Developer

  • Average salary: $86,500
  • Our score: 6/7

Software Developers create and test software programs and systems. 

Duties include modifying and adapting new software to improve overall software performance, reporting any specifications, making recommendations to clients, and keeping up-to-date with new coding languages.

You’ll need to study for a bachelor’s in computer science and develop your knowledge of coding and system frameworks. Excellent written communication and problem-solving skills are also essential.

2. IT Specialist

  • Average salary: $87,000
  • Our score: 6/7

IT specialists, also known as computer specialists, help to solve computer-related problems within a company.

You’ll be consulting with clients to understand and resolve issues, implementing data security, firewalls, and/or administering networks. You may also need to create cost estimates.

You’ll need a bachelor’s in information science or computer science, as well as strong attention to detail and good problem-solving skills.

3. Marine Engineer

  • Average salary: $82,000
  • Our score: 4/7

A marine engineer develops and builds naval transportation.

As a marine engineer, you’ll plan and design transportation systems, oversee installations and inspections, keep track of project budget and timeline, and oversee the project to ensure its success.

A bachelor’s in marine engineering is required. Good problem-solving and math skills will help significantly in this role, as will strong project management skills to ensure projects are completed on time.

4. Artist

  • Average salary: $45,000
  • Our score: 6/7

An artist creates creative artworks in their chosen medium. 

Depending on your art, you’ll often be researching and exploring during the creative process. After this, you’ll create a piece for a client or your gallery exhibition.

Although there are no specific educational requirements, a strong sense of self and creativity are required to complete interesting and unique artworks. You’ll need to be proactive and patient as competition is high.

5. Graphic Designer

  • Average salary: $48,000
  • Our score: 6/7

Graphic designers design visual concepts using computer software. 

Duties include developing assets like logos and other illustrations to match the brief provided. This will involve selecting colors and fonts, creating images, designing layouts, and carrying out revisions.

You’ll need a bachelor’s in graphic design or fine art, as well as a portfolio to show prospective clients or employers your design skills. It’s also important to be flexible and open to constructive feedback. 

6. Actuary

  • Average salary: $122,000
  • Our score: 5/7

Actuaries analyze financial costs of uncertainty and risks for companies.

As an actuary, you’ll assess economic and monetary data to forecast future costs and risks through the use of risk management software. Many actuaries also help create insurance policies, business strategies, and retirement plans.

A bachelor’s degree in actuarial science and CERA-specific examinations are required. Being detail-oriented will also help you better monitor trading and investments.

7. Chartered Accountant

  • Average salary: $55,000
  • Our score: 5/7

A chartered accountant, also known as a certified public accountant, CPA, is a financial professional who offers specialist accountancy services.

Duties include monitoring the finances of a company or client, providing financial advice and management, keeping records, computing taxes, examining financial documents, and making financial recommendations.

Educational requirements include a bachelor’s in accounting followed by an ACA qualification. You’ll need to have excellent numerical and quantitive skills and be analytical to monitor finances carefully.

8. Technical Writer

  • Average salary: $69,000
  • Our score: 7/7

A technical writer conveys complex written information in an easy-to-understand manner.

You’ll be analyzing content and producing clear instructions for the target audience. Content is often based on product manuals, in-depth documents, or information booklets, as well as utilizing charts and other media to improve tutorials and interface text.

To become a technical writer, you’ll need a bachelor of journalism or English. Strong grammar and vocabulary are required to ensure your writing meets company standards.   

9. Astronomer

  • Average salary: $61,000
  • Our score: 7/7

Astronomers are scientists who study the universe to prove theories and discover celestial bodies or events.

Duties include using various high-powered technological devices to apply physics, astrophysics, and optics. You’ll also conduct research, analyze data, and publish academic findings.

You’ll have to study a Ph.D. in astronomy or physics. A strong aptitude for math and a sense of curiosity are necessary for this role, as is a high degree of patience for recording data over long periods of time.

10. Content Manager

  • Average salary: $64,000
  • Our score: 6/7

A content manager, also known as a content supervisor, oversees, improves, and maintains web content.

Duties include producing, editing, and publishing updated content, as well as applying SEO practices. You’ll also need to understand the client’s brand and target audience to better align their content strategy.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, or communications, as well as good writing and communication skills. A basic understanding of SEO is also recommended.

11. Research Scientist

  • Average salary: $82,000
  • Our score: 7/7

A research scientist designs and executes procedures and experiments to further scientific knowledge in their field.

You’ll be responsible for designing and conducting experiments, recording your finding, and writing up reports based on your research. You may also have fieldwork to collect samples to analyze in laboratories.

A bachelor’s degree is required in your specific field of research, and a Ph.D. in medicine for a medical research scientist job. Strong organizational skills and an interest in keeping with current scientific developments are also essential.

12. Botanist

  • Average salary: $49,000
  • Our score: 5/7

A botanist is a plant specialist who studies plant reproduction, processes, and evolution.

Duties include conducting fieldwork to collect samples, recording plants in their environment, analyzing responses and reporting any possible benefits or concerns, and publishing your findings.  

You’ll need a bachelor’s in botany or biology and a Master’s or Doctorate to advance in your specified field — not forgetting excellent research and written communication skills to relay findings.

13. Radiologist

  • Average salary: $324,000
  • Our score: 4/7

A radiologist interprets medical imaging tests in hospitals or clinics.

Using MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays, you’ll be testing patients to diagnose or recommend further testing. You’ll also evaluate a patient’s medical history, interpreting their test results and findings.

You’ll need to obtain a Doctor of Medicine and complete a residency to specialize in your particular field, as well as pass a radiologist board certification exam to receive your state licensure. Being a detail-orientated person is also essential to ensure no details are missed.

There Are Careers for Introverts!

Whether you’re looking for a job as a creative copywriter or chartered account, there are a number of exciting positions available to introverts.

Which one stands out to you?

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