15 Five Guys Interview Questions (Full Example Answers)

Are you on the hunt for Five Guys interview questions and answers?

This page will help you prepare for your Five Guys interview by looking at the most likely questions you’ll be asked, and also scripting out some example answers to help you come up with your own.

Five Guys Interview Tips: How to Prepare for the Interview

Before we get to the specific questions, there are a few things you need to know about the company, how to dress for your interview, and what to expect during the hiring process.

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What to Research (Five Guys Facts)

Starting with some must-know Five Guys facts, these will help you with any research-based questions the interviewer decides to throw at you.

Here are a few key points you should commit to memory:

  • The first Five Guys restaurant opened in 1986 
  • In 2003, Five Guys began franchising in the United States
  • As of 2016, Five Guys reportedly had 1,500 locations
  • Their current headquarters is in Lorton, Virginia 
  • They serve food in 22 countries 
  • Five Guys is a family-owned and run business
  • Former US President Barack Obama would often buy lunch from the Washington Five Guys branch

Sources: Five Guys Wikipedia page

What to Wear (Five Guys Dress Code)

Emulating the Five Guys staff dress code for the position you’re interested in works wonders in a job interview setting.

For an entry-level role such as a crew member or shift manager, potential employees should wear black slacks and an open collar, polo shirt, or blouse. Make sure your hair is neat and tied up as well as facial hair shaved.

For a supervisory or managerial role such as an assistant manager, general manager, or staff accountant, wear smart black pants and a button-up shirt with closed dress shoes. 

Sources: Five Guys ‘Careers’,  Indeed, Indeed ‘Interviews’, Staff Handbook (UK)

What to Expect (Five Guys Hiring Process)

To get a job at Five Guys, you can apply online through their website or go in-store. 

Five Guys typically takes a few days to reply to online applications. If you apply in-store, potential employees are interviewed and hired on the spot if successful. Employees report the hiring process moving much faster in-store, though.

Once hired you’ll need to attend orientation and training, which is paid. From there, your identification documents are processed before starting your first day.

Sources: Five Guys Careers, Indeed Five Guys Q&A

Five Guys Interview Questions and Answers

Five Guys interview questions and examples of answers are provided below.

1. Why Do You Want to Work at Five Guys?

The interviewer wants to know whether your career goals align with the company and what draws you to the position.

Sample answer:

“I like that Five Guys is a family-owned and operated company. I think it’s important to work for a company that cares for its employees and fosters a sense of community.

I’m a very loyal person who enjoys being a team player. I think I’d thrive within a company that encourages and supports employees in the workplace.

Although I’d be new to Five Guys, the opportunities to progress to higher positions within the company attract me. I hope that through learning and training I could eventually apply for a supervisory role.”

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2. What Can You Tell Us About Five Guys?

They want to know how serious you are about the position and whether you’re interested enough to have learned about the details of the company. 

Sample answer:

“I read that your headquarters are in Lorton, Virginia but that there are 1500 stores since franchising in 2003.

That’s very interesting to me because it shows not only how popular Five Guys is, but also how strong and consistent the company must be. Successful franchising means the product and customer service are top-notch. 

Although I’ve done a bit of research, there’s still so much I’d like to learn about Five Guys. Could you tell me whether they have plans to franchise more stores?”

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3. What Would You Say Is Your Greatest Strength?

The interviewer wants to know if your greatest strength would be an asset to the company as well as suitable for the position you’re applying for. 

Sample answer:

“I believe my greatest strength is that I’m a quick learner when taking on new tasks and that I always enjoy the challenge.

In my last job, my tasks and responsibilities changed quite abruptly but I was able to attend training and transition to the new position quickly. Although it was challenging, I thrived on the chance to learn more and improve my abilities. 

Being a quick learner means you’re always engaged and paying attention to details,  taking in information about all the different jobs and responsibilities around you, which I think helps to better understand the inner workings of your workplace.”

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4. What Is Your Work Philosophy?

The interviewer wants to know what type of worker you’ll be and if you’re suited to the company’s ethos. 

Sample answer:

“My work philosophy is based on communication with coworkers and customers to ensure customers are given the best experience.

When working in customer service-related industries, it’s important to be a strong communicator as your main goal is to provide them with a positive experience. I also think it’s really important to ensure that you feel heard and your coworkers feel understood to create a positive and productive work environment. 

Sometimes a customer has had an issue with a product or the service. Being able to help them and rectify any issue through understanding and calm communication has helped me in past work experiences.”

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5. Where Do You See Yourself in 5 or 10 Years?

They’re looking to see how ambitious you are and know your plans for the future to see if it aligns with the company. 

Sample answer:

“Although I’m starting at an entry-level position I’m very driven to work my way up to a supervisory or managerial position such as a general manager. 

I’ll work to learn about all aspects of the company from the ground up, attending as many FIve Guys courses as possible, including prep, line operations, and customer service. 

I plan to get my bachelor’s degree through night classes and I saw in the job description the opportunity for Five Guys employees to join the FIve Guys Tuition Assistance Program. I’m looking forward to growing my career and education through the company’s assistance.”

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Other Questions to Expect

Most job interviews contain a broad mix of questions, and not all of those questions will be role or even industry-specific.

Here are a few other questions you can expect to hear:

  1. What skills do you have and which would you like to improve?
  2. What does a ‘quality service’ mean to you?
  3. Can you describe your work ethic?
  4. What is your personality in the workplace like?
  5. Do you easily get along with coworkers?
  6. Can you describe your previous work experience?
  7. What do you know about the workplace culture at Five Guys?
  8. What are your preferred shifts? 
  9. How would you deal with a difficult customer?
  10. What training do you feel you need most?

Don’t Stop Applying!

These common Five Guys job interview questions will help you on your way to securing a job, but be sure to go the extra mile. 

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