Burger King Job Interview Questions & Tips (Example Answers)

On the hunt for Burger King interview questions?

Our goal is to prepare you for your interview, provide you with some sample interview answers that you can use as a model, and guide you through the most common interview questions.

Burger King Interview Tips: How to Prepare for the Interview

It is important to know what to wear, what to expect during the interview process, as well as the background of the company before entering an interview room.

If you’re not looking for Burger King job interview tips, skip to the questions.

What to Research (Burger King Facts)

This will help you navigate some of the common research-based questions. Listed below are a few good starting points, but we recommend you do your own research to ensure it’s up to date.

  • Their headquarters are in Miami-Dade, Florida.
  • They were founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1954.
  • Originally, Burger King was called Insta-Burger King.
  • The Whopper made its debut in 1957.
  • By 2018, they had 17,796 restaurants in 100 countries. 
  • 11 million guests visit Burger King each day.
  • In Australia, they operate under the name Hungry Jack’s.

Sources: Burger King ‘About Us’ page, Wikipedia

What to Wear (Burger King Dress Code)

The best way to dress for the interview is to closely mimic the Burger King staff dress code for the position so you look on-brand and already part of the team.

For an entry-level role such as a team member, cook, or hourly shift coordinator, wear a black or gray shirt with black slacks, a black belt, and black, slip-resistant shoes.

For a supervisory or managerial role such as an assistant manager or restaurant general manager, wear a button-down shirt with black slacks and a black belt.

Sources: Indeed, Burger King Employee Dress Code

What to Expect (Burger King Hiring Process)

Burger King recommends that applicants complete their applications online. The online application consists of:

  • Basic identifying information
  • Work history
  • Several short skill assessments (depending on the position)

Burger King usually responds to successful online applications with an email request for an in-person interview.

Many past Burger King employees describe the interview as relaxed and informal. The interviewee sits down with the general manager and answers several standard interview questions.

Sometimes, Burger King does hire on the spot. Most applicants hear back between three and ten days after their interview. Often, new employees are scheduled to work as soon as they are hired.

Sources: Indeed

Burger King Interview Questions and Answers

Below are the most common interview questions and example answers asked when applying for a job at Burger King.

1. Why Do You Want to Work at Burger King?

The interviewer wants to know what aspects of the position appeal to you and how they mesh with your future career goals. 

Sample answer:

“I’m very drawn to Burger King’s core values of teamwork, family, excellence, and respect, as well as the ways that Burger King lives these values on a day-to-day level. 

Working at a values-driven company is important to me. Surrounding myself with people practicing teamwork and excellence will make me better as both a person and as an employee.

Understanding and living my core values matters to me because I want to excel in my career without losing sight of myself and what I believe. I want to succeed and grow into management positions, but I want to do it the right way.”

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2. What Can You Tell Us About Burger King?

The interviewer wants to know how committed you are to the position by looking to see what research you did on the company.

Sample answer:

“I know that Burger King is one of the most successful restaurants in the world and has locations in 100 countries. I also read that the Whopper made its debut in 1957.

That’s fascinating to me because the Whopper has become so iconic; I think it’s important for a business to be able to build a brand based on quality products customers recognize, while at the same time constantly innovating.

I’d really love to learn more about Burger King’s future innovation. Can you tell me more about any exciting things coming through the pipeline?”

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3. What Tasks Do You Least Enjoy at Work?

The interviewer wants to know if you can answer truthfully, and not dodge the question.

Sample answer:

“I think I’m not alone when I say I’m not a huge fan of cleaning the bathrooms.

Mostly, I dislike it because it was one of my major responsibilities in my previous role. You see a lot of things you can’t unsee cleaning up after people in there. Plus, it’s actually much more physically demanding work than many people realize.

That being said, I’ve done it before, and I won’t hesitate to do it again if needed. Sometimes, part of playing on a team is rolling up your sleeves and getting the dirty work done.”

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4. How Would You Describe Your Relationship with Your Coworkers?

The interviewer wants to know if you can maintain good relationships and get along with your coworkers

Sample answer:

“When it comes to coworkers, I really pride myself on acting respectfully, even when I don’t necessarily agree with them. 

At my last job, I worked in a nursing home. Many of the nurses were much older than me. Because they grew up in a different time, we had different opinions on a lot of topics. But we always made sure to lead with respect and worked well with one another regardless of our differences.

I’m still in touch with one of the nurses, actually, if you’d like to speak to her as a reference.”

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5. Do You Have Any Cash Handling Experience?

The interviewer wants to know if you’re detail-oriented and if they can trust you to handle cash properly.

Sample answer:

“In my previous job, I worked as a cashier at a diner. I was a good cashier. My boss often had me close because I was the best at closing out the registers. 

Ultimately, I think what made me so good at it was my underlying understanding of what was at stake. I’d never dream of cheating customers by overcharging or cheating the company by undercharging.

However, part of my success was my integrity and my attention to detail. I was so good at closing out at the end of the day because I didn’t cut corners. Ever. I made sure that every cent was accounted for before I called it a day.”

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Other Questions to Expect

It is normal for job interviews to have some traditional and generic questions that aren’t directly related to the role or company.

Here are a few of the most popular:

  1. How do you deal with stress?
  2. What is a challenge you’ve had to overcome?
  3. How would you define great customer service?
  4. What do you like to do in your free time?
  5. What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?
  6. How did you come across this role?
  7. How would you handle a customer who received the wrong order?
  8. What would you do if you saw a coworker break the code of conduct?
  9. What excites you about food service?
  10. What hourly wage do you expect to earn?

Don’t Give Up!

It’s unfortunate, but studying the most common Burger King job interview questions won’t always guarantee that you get the job.

However, if you’re interested in working at Burger King, there are many other similar fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Chipotle, and In-n-Out Burger.

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